Monday, August 25, 2008

Four days and counting...

I have officially four days to ready my 450+ page book and then return it to work.

Did I tell you that I get to check books out. CHECK them out. Of a bookstore. And return them two weeks later. For FREE!

So whenever I am walking around and I go "Hey, that looks interesting," no need to invest 15 dollars in what could turn out to be a not so good book. No need to put your name on a waiting list at the library. Nope, I can just hand it to my supervisor and by the end of my shift it will be checked out and in my locker, ready to go. Amazing.

I'll try not to abuse the privilege.

Tomorrow, I have work all day long and then we are taking dinner over to a family from our Sunday School class who just had a little baby boy- Joseph. I am really excited to see and talk with them for a little bit.

I also tried to mimic Bakerella, for tomorrow night, but made a few tweaks on the product. I wish I had her photo set up, but these pictures will have to do. They are homemade peanut butter cookies dipped in white chocolate with Orange and Blue sprinkles. The cookies by themself are a little dry and bland but the chocolate makes things WAY better.

Isn't that how it always works?


Kelli said...

What book did you check out? And your cookies look yummy. Are they as good as Marsha's molasses cookies? :)

Angela said...

Totally jealous of your book privledges AND the cookies!! :) I'm proud of you, my lil Bakerella 2!!!