Saturday, September 20, 2008

50th Post!

Now, that doesn't sound like alot compared to these "super blogs," who blog like, twice a day, but on the whole, I think that each post I have done has told a story and isn't all about the contests and such that others do, so I am glad that, including today, I have told the story of at least 50 days of my life on here. I hope you've liked the journey as well!

The weekend has been glorious, as predicted. Ian and I had a dinner date with a couple from church on Friday evening at a mexican restaurant, and then we came home and went for a long walk around our apartment complex. I spent some time in my french book, learning, then hopped on over to work for a three hour stint at what was supposed to be a book release party.

There was no party, trust me. I was allowed to leave at about 11:30 because we had like 10 customers and 12 employees. I was happy to leave, even if I lost an hour and a half of potential pay.

Also, free soda night at work has the potential for making me very hyper. Not so much because of the sugar involved, but just the thought of FREE food and drink. Besides, it was diet coke, how hyper could I really get off of that?

Today was spent laying around the house, reading, watching tv, running to the grocery store, trying to figure out how to make chilli (more on that tomorrrow,) watching football for almost 8 hours straight, talking to friends on the phone, writing a million notes to friends and families (check your mailbox around Tuesday or Wednesday,) and, in the evening, sitting on the back porch reading, with a cool breeze blowing through my nonfrizzy (since there is no humidity right now,) hair.

It was beautiful.

I hope your Saturday was wonderful too.

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Anonymous said...

Take it from a pro my dear sister:

Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke...

SOOOOO not the same thing.


Now you know.