Friday, September 19, 2008

I can just smell it...

Fall is on its way. And. I've heard rumors, that here in Gville we actually GET a fall! And sooner! I might be a little premature in saying this, but I bet in 2-3 weeks it will be full swing fall here in town. The air smells different. Not so....full of moisture or full or hot air. Or full of swamp stink.

And no, I don't mean The Swamp, as in, where the Gators play. That would be sacrilege.

Today is looking to be a day of errands. I get to turn in ALL of my paperwork to get the ball rolling on this long term substitute position, and hopefully I can get my fingerprint and drug test done today as well, though I am not holding my breath. Anyone who has applied for anything knows that if you have everything ready to turn in, they will just give you 3 more things and tell you to come back in a week. But, I am slightly optimistic.

To do: includes possibly mopping the floors, (but since I like hand mopping better, as in, with a rag on my hands and knees, this takes alot longer,) and dusting the office. I am so proud of myself for accomplishing the seemingly impossible yesterday. In thirty minutes I vaccuumed the house, folded 2 loads of laundry, loaded and started the dishwasher, washed all of the pots and pans, and straightened up the countertop/desktop! So much less to do today!

Also on the to do list is to finish reading my book Out of the Silent Planet, by CS Lewis, and begin reading The Pearl, by John Steinbeck. If you want to join in for this mini book club (the book isonly 86 pgs long, and will only last about 3 weeks, so it's not too huge of a commitment,) hop on over to Bound to Books.

More updates to come about our dinner date with a couple from Sunday school, and the book release party that I work, from 8pm to 1am toninght! Should be fun! Lots of dragon loving book fiends running around my store doing weird stuff.

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Love is the Movement said...

Yes, in case you havent been outdoors at 730 am, its reached that point in between summer and fall where the morning is getting to be nippy and then the afternoon is still blazing hot.

And please dont desecrate the Swamp :P