Monday, September 15, 2008

Day at the Lake

On Saturday, post Nyquil haze, we went to the lake with the college group. Wait....did I not tell you about the my cough medicine night? Well, on Thursday and Friday night, I took the good ol cough medicine to help with my sore throat and slight cough. I always appreciate when I take this, because, well, other people appreciate it. I'm usually a real hoot on it. Apparently this week was no different.

Something about me sitting straight up in bed laughing about how we got to go to the lake. Hmm.

Anyways. Saturday morning, the medicine had worn off, and we set out to Lake Susan, SE of Gainesville.

The church had rounded up a lake house, several boats, and a jet ski for us to use for the day. And use it we did!

Ian and I got a chance to go out on the jet ski before the group of girls flipped it and got water in or on the engine and ruined it for the day. AND I got to drive it! I was thrilled. That is, until we hit a wave and I got freaked out.

I get to cross that off of my "things to do" list!

Spent the rest of the morning standing in knee deep water and taking pictures with the 'action' setting on my camera.

Also. I got a blackmail picture of Ian and Sam in a paddle boat together. Make sure to point and laugh.


Marsha C said...

It looks like you had way more fun then Dad and I last weekend. I hope you are feeling better. Tuck that picture away until you need it later. It could come in handy. :o)
Love ya

Angela said...

Hey Britty Britt!!! That looks like SUCH A FUN DAY!!! Oh to be young again.........*sigh* Sorry I haven't been around much, it's just that I lead SUCH an exciting life and all........ ha.ha. :) love you!!!