Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Probably Baking...Definately not Cooking...Unless I'm baking cookies

It is true that I am no Bakerella-definately not, but I would have to say I love baking 300% more than I like cooking. Probably because cooking is a necessity while baking is a luxury.

This probably goes hand in hand with the "I love petting and riding the pony, but mucking the stall! No way."

Not that I've ever had a pony. But if you had ever seen my goliath of a cat....close enough.

Anyways. I LOVE baking. I really like making really GOOD tasting baked goods. And I adore making ones that look pretty too. Probably why alot of my Christmas/Birthday presents have been cake decorating ones. For fondant none the less.

I do believe the conversation (in my head, of course,) went something like this:

Me: Hmm. Fondant. Looks like playdough...or that magic foam stuff

Me after touching it: Um.. definately not playdough..more waxy.

Me after tasing it: EWWWWWWwwww. It tastes like Feet! (FRIENDS reference anyone?)

Me after playing with it: Oh! Well this is nice. It's going to look Beautiful!

I made one cake, then ran out of fondant, the money to buy more, and the will to learn how to make my own.

On to greater things, right?

Anyways, that was all so I could say, that I had to bake this weekend for our college department's lunch on Sunday, and I made Bakerella's peanut butter cookies, and my own version of cupcakes w/ oreos. Very yum.


Emily said...

Thanks, Britt! I think I just gained back 10 pounds looking at the pics!! I agree, baking is way more fun than cooking! Of course, cooking is even less fun if those you are cooking for are picky- i.e.- the entire Vargas Clan, except for Sophie! Man, the college group is lucky! Watch out Ian- with a wife that can bake like that, you may gain the first year of marriage 15!! Love from the Vargas Clan!

Anonymous said...

RIP Milo, RIP.

Marsha C said...

I never though of comparing Milo to a horse but now that you mentioned it I should have bought a saddle. Yum, Yum to the goodies. You can bake for me for Christmas. I don't really do well at baking or cooking so I don't know where you got it from. That is kind of funny. Heather likes to cook and you like to bake. I think I have the holiday's covered when you guys come to visit. Love Ya.