Friday, September 26, 2008

Just a quickie...

It's been a good week and today has been pretty great.

Fall has definately arrived, though I have been told that it comes and goes for the next two months before settling in, just in time for Christmas, haha.

We have spent the last three days with the windows open, air off, and wondeful cinnamon candles burning to give us that "fall," smell. My momma used to put out those cinnamon brooms by the air intake and the whole house would just smell like deliciousness.

Today was pretty busy, but in a really relaxed way. I went shopping for Ian's birthday (next Wednesday,) and did my Target and Publix shopping as well. I did have to go back through the line 3 times at Target, only because I kept forgetting stuff, and since it IS a whole highway exit down from us, I figured I better take care of it now.

Tasks for the day
  • Laundry-check
  • Birthday shopping- check
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Grocery unloading (this takes, like, an hour with the stairs and locked doors,)
  • Gift wrapping- check
  • Dinner making for hubby and his best friend (a very delicious pulled pork)- check
  • Reading of chapter in book that I am not so sure in-check
  • Watching political debate- check
  • Deciding to read a book on economics (Basic Economics) - check
  • Playing Monopoly and losing- check check
  • Heading for bed- check


Angela said...

You've always made me so proud, Brittney. BUT to read about your day of combo-Publix-Target........I have such feelings of love and pride right now!!! LOL I only wish I'd been WITH you!!! ;) LOTS OF LOVE to you!!!!XOXOXOXO

Emily said...

Are there any stores besides Target and Publix? I'm always at one or the other!! Tell Ian we wish him a very happy birthday!! I didn't realize his b-day was so close to Zachy's!! I'm running around trying to get ready for Zachy's b-day! The toughest part has been trying to keep his presents away from him! He snuck into my closet and found one! I had it really well hidden, so he took the time to dig for it! Needless to say, I wasn't happy with him!
Love from the Vargas Clan!!