Monday, September 8, 2008

The puzzle..

Last week, in my boredom or restlessness one afternoon, I pulled out a puzzle that my friend Jessica had let me borrow for Disciple Now. I plopped a poster board down on the floor (because heavens knows we don't have a table yet, and no, mom, I don't want the cardboard table as my dining room table, I've got more pride than that, um, maybe,) and poured out the pieces. I quickly got the perimeter of the puzzle completed and set about sorting the other pieces into color groups.

Like, 2 hours later, I still had only gotten about half way through (of sorting,) and I was having new found difficulties telling the difference between the colors.

Ian joined in and about half an hour later exclaimed that this puzzle "was crap!"

Somehow, though, we have persisted, and are making some head way on it. We even spent our Friday night working on it.

How cool are we?

Don't judge though.

You'd have a tough time with this puzzle as well. It's a photomosaic puzzle. Which means the entire pictures is made up of THOUSANDS of eensy weinsy tiny pictures, so there is actually no hard cut lines or color areas. It's very difficult, trust me.
And if you don't believe me, believe my mom. It took us 2 months one time to do one of these things!

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Emily said...

Oh man! Those are tough puzzles to do! But they are really great for the brain! Lots of studies prove it! It may not be high tech and it may be boring to some, but you and Ian are doing something really great for your brains! Someday, you'll look back on these lean times and you'll see how much of a treasure they are! When Gus and I were broke we used to have date nights in the local Toys R Us! We had a blast playing with all of the stuff! It was cheap and fun entertainment and sometimes it was fun to share with each other our favorite childhood memory as it related to a particular toy we'd find that would bring it up!
Love from the Vargas Clan!