Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Interview

I really haven't been up to much, so I don't have an excuse for the lack of posting, except for, it's been pretty dull around here so my posts would sound like this :

"Not much is going on around here. I have plenty of options of things to do to entertain me, and I don't really feel like doing any of them. And for some reason, the things I DO want to do, all need money, so those aren't really options right now. *Sigh* We're jonesing for some tv."

Yup, and that would be about it for the last four or five days.

But hopefully today will be a little different. You see, yesterday, I had TWO interviews, praise God. The first one was for a sixth and seventh grade math position, but for only two periods, but you get sixty percent of the pay and you have no classroom. I did well in the interview, but I am really hoping they pick someone else so I don't have to reject them. I hate rejection.

The second one was much better but a little stranger. It's for the next county over for a school that services only 3rd-5th grade, but it has over 500 kids! 11 3rd grade classrooms, doesn't that blow you mind? Anyways, it's out in the middle of nowhere, but is only a 20-30 minute picturesque drive. The position is for replacing a teacher who is leaving on maternity leave in the next month or two and would become a permanent position for the rest of the year. So, essentially it would be my classroom come Thanksgiving. Only hitch is, since the county is so, um, close knit, they don't just hire anyone. You have to become, like, family, before they will hire you, so I have all of this paperwork to do to become a substitute.

Luckily, they are acting like I will get the job. They introduced me to the teacher leaving, as "the teacher who will probably be taking over your classroom." I got to sit in on her class for 2 hours, which made me realize even more how much I miss it.

I'm counting it as a blessing though, that I will have to wait a month or two. I needto brush up on the 3rd grade (since I never had an internship there,) and on my English as a Second Language techniques since there are TWO boys who speak absolutely no english.

I also have a ton of paperwork that I want to get sent out, like, pronto. So I think Ian and I are going to tackle that today.

Not alot of housework to do, since Ian and I did most of it yesterday. We also had a delicious dinner of Morroccan chicken and hummus, with brownie and cherry frozen yogurt sundaes yesterday. Sam came over for dinner and Friday night activities, which included working on our insane puzzle and watching The Office/Tristan and Isolde. I fell asleep before 11 but I think those boys kept at it for another 2 hours.

Now to find some breakfast.


Emily said...

I hope it works out, Britt! Hopefully you'll get both offers and be able to make the choice you want! That would be awesome! I can tell you this, if you get the one where you don't have your own classroom, it isn't that bad. I was an itenerant teacher that traveled school to school and very often had to work in...are you ready for this.... storage closets! Some principals thought that since my students were low vision or blind, then they didn't need to provide an appropriate learning space. Let's just say I cut my teeth in confrontation on that issue. What would definitely be a pain is lugging all your teaching stuff. I used those plastic storage boxes to create a file and placed it on a collapsable cart to move supplies. I also had to keep a heavy, bulky Braille writer with me and the Braille books were heavy too! It was like doing aerobics and weight training going from place to place, but I did like changing scenery, so I didn't mind it.
You and Ian are in our thoughts and prayers! I hope things are going well with school and his job for him. Did you get to go to the UM game? That was a close one!
Love from the Vargas Clan!!

Marsha C said...

Hey Baby Girl,
Just wanted to let you know we are praying hard for you. I hope you have a wonderful week. Either school would be very blessed to get you but I'm praying you get the 3rd grade postion most. I love you! Momma