Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Vow

"Ian, raise your right hand and repeat after me."

I, Ian Paisley Galloway
I, Ian Paisley Galloway
Do hearby promise
Do hearby promise
To not steal the sheets
To not steal the sheets......as much as I can help!

20 hours later and I am here to say, my husband stuck to his vow (yes I actually made him raise his right hand and promise this,) at least for one night. We'll see how much it sticks around!

And for the marking of four months of being married, we headed out to a restaurant, which Ian calls, "the crimson crustacean," for a much needed outing.

It was delicious, and I even ordered fish!

Ian got a supremely fishy tasty/smelling meal, which I stared at haughtily but didn't dare taste!

Below is a conversation I had with a customer today over her rewards card/coupon:

Me: Hi, is this all for today?
Her: Yes, but I forgot my coupon at home so if you can just give me one that would be great.
Me: I'm sorry, but I don't have any coupons,
Her: Yes you do, there are some in the trash! Just pull me one out.
Me: I'm sorry, but I am not allowed to dig through the trash to give you a coupon.
Her: Well the LAST cashier did!
Me: Well, I could get fired for giving you a discount you did not bring in.
Her: So you are telling me you are being a good two shoes?
Me: Yes ma'am, I am. I follow the rules so I can keep my job.
Her: *Huff* *Puff* Fine I'll just buy these somewhere else.
Me: Alright, have a great day! (but, being my stealthy perceptive self, I know she is all bluff)
Her: Fine, I'll get these, but I might not be coming back.
Me: Alright, (swipe her rewards card and find her bonus bucks) Ooo look, you have 5 in bonus bucks!
Her: REALLY? Sheesh this is why I love this store....... (long pause while I ring her up,) Well, we'll see if I ACTUALLY return to this store. You wouldn't even give me a discount.
Me: Um... alright. Have a great day!

Sheesh. People. Not that I am worried she's going to go anywhere else. There's only one other bookstore and it is on the other side of town, smaller, and more expensive. Yeah right.

Plus they don't have a stellar, goody two shoes, follows the rules, bonus buck finding, still smiling through a crises cashier. Sure she's going to another store.

*On a whole other note. I MIGHT have been barefoot during this entire transaction. Which I technically wasn't breaking any rules. I HAD my shoes, just not on me.*

Time to go watch the debate


Marsha C said...

Well, Dad and I thank you for a very needed laugh. Dad says he hopes the "Goodie Two Shoes" was due to your great upbringing by your "Goodie Two Shoe" parents.
Love ya,
Dad & Mom

Anonymous said...

Why is this tagged as television? I read it like, 3 times, just to see a TV reference. Did I miss it?!

Kelli said...

you must have married a goodie two shoes as well, since he kept his promise about the sheets. way to go ian, and happy 4 month anniversary to you both!!

Anonymous said...

Goodie Two Shoes parents is right!!! :o) My favorite example of this is dad's reference to a Tri Delta sorority girl as a "snake" instead of a "skank", HAHAHAHA

Love is the Movement said...

I'd like to answer Rachel's post and say that yes Rachel, she watched the debate, theres your TV reference.
I had to reread it as soon as she posted that comment.
Dont worry Brittney, I've got your back.

Sometimes big sisters are so silly!