Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boo-lated Halloween

haha, I crack myself up!

We spent Halloween with a friend of mine from high school, Kelly, and her boyfriend Kean. We ate dinner and watched The Office, then dug into our "non competitive," pumpkin carving time. Ian and I decided on a batman theme, since I had done Transformers the year before and it had turned out pretty well! Kelly and Kean decided on doing a fancy University of Florida logo. They both turned out great!
I also had a fun time handing out fistfulls of candy to the trick or treaters....being "the cool apartment," is alot of fun!


Love is the Movement said...

What a small world it is!
Kelly is in one of my classes, and I didnt realize who she was until one day she turned to me and said "Are you Rachel Smith's sister?"
I admit, thats not a question I've ever gotten here in Gainesville and was quite taken aback.
So now tomorrow I'll have to compliment her on her pumpkin carving skills.

Yours is lovely as well!

Emily said...

Cute pumpkins! Zachary will flip when I show him your Batman one!! I even have to admit the UF one came out cute! That's a lot coming from a family of Noles!! Very clever! Glad you had a fun Halloween!