Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fallen Behind

I've fallen behind on a lot of things lately. Phone Calls, Blog Posts, Book Club Reading, Grocery Shopping, Pumpkin Buying, Emails, Holiday Planning, Reading for Fun, Self Learning (remember my autodidact post?), Exercising(ha!), and Crafting. Nothing seems to be getting done with about a million things left done midway through.

The weekend was great. Lots of relaxation time. We had our friends pick us up a pumpkin from the other side of town, because after an HOUR of driving around, and stopping in at 5 different grocery stores, we found out that A: they were all sold out, and B:There are no pumpkin patches in West Gainesville.

We made a batman pumpkin. :) Pictures to come.

Also coming this week (I Promise!) are pictures from Ian's trip to Budapest, my trip to North Georgia, and a documentation at my first try of banana pudding and apple crisp. Also, the long lost Sam has returned from his GRE studying (he got a score of like, a million, or course) so maybe we'll be seeing our friend again. Plans for next weekend: trip to free community zoo? Another game of tennis? Hiking in the nearby state park? (Do you think I could persuade Ian to go camping?!?) And, of course, loving on the new addition to our family....

A Table!!!

We've been without one now for almost 5 months, and though we don't really mind sitting on the floor, it makes for awkward company dinners, telling them they have to eat on the floor and having the bottle of Resolve nearby in order to promptly treat any carpet stains. Yup. We're going to have a table, and she's going to be SO well dressed, just you wait and see.

Had lunch at Bento's Cafe today with Jim and Kelly from our Sunday school class, and we had a really great time. It's good to be getting to know some people around here.

I have my first day of full substitute teaching on Wednesday as another leg of this VERY long interview process. I guess they just really want to make sure I have what it takes to work in a school that sells pickles for a fundraiser. Oh you think I'm kidding? I'll get a picture one day, you'll see.

Also, I've set a goal for myself to have 100 posts done by the end of the year, so you might be hearing from me a little more often.


Love is the Movement said...

I love Bento.
You should try the Volcano roll, it is by far the best.
Makes me want one right now in fact.

Marsha C said...

Don't worry baby girl. I'm way behind too. After this week though I will have lots of time to read. I will be so relieved to know that you aren't eating off the floor. :O)

Anonymous said...

I think Sam has already graduated from HS and consequentially took the GRE instead of the GED (for HS dropouts, LOL) :o) Go Sam!!