Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cards

Being out on our own now, one of the biggest things I miss during this holiday season, is receiving Christmas cards from all of our friends and family. I used to love opening them up and reading the cards and looking at any pictures that were sent.

No cards this year.

I take that back. A man that Ian met ONE day at Liberty sent us a card. Seriously. They only met and talked that one day. And he sent US a card. Nice man.

YOU people however, have sent no cards. Maybe you haven't mailed them out yet. Well if that's the case, you are alright. But, if you did send them out, and said to yourself "Eh, I'm already sending one to her parents," please please PUhLEAse reconsider.

I don't have much joy right now people. Take pity on my poor, unemployed, living in a hippie town, far away from my friends and family, self. (also, be glad I decided to spell check that last sentence because without the commas it makes alot less sense.)

That's all for my whining/asking for a lovely holiday favor blog post.

I'm just reminding ya'll that we're up here.

That's all.


Emily said...

Okay, Britt- as if I didn't feel horrible enough about being behind in getting out my Christmas cards- you managed to make me feel worse. Explaination- 4 kids- 2(the most difficult 2 have been home sick)- 2 puppies- endless obligations for kids' social commitments- I don't have a social life! Hang in there- I hope to get them out by next Christmas at this rate! What's really pathetic is that my 10 foot tree has exactly one ornament on it that Sophie made! Oh, and the 2 sick kids- the ones who don't like to share anything and never, I mean- NEVER- share anything- gave me their bug and I have laryngitis!! Why don't they ever get laryngitis? I could so use the quiet!! Tell ya what you need a job- I need a break- y'all move back here and you can be my full time nanny/home-school teacher! I'd pay you well!! Do I have great ideas or what?!!!

Love is the Movement said...

I am indignant that you called Gainesville a hippie town.

Kelli said...

What is your address?