Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Note to a Miniature Percussionist

Dear Little Drummer Boy,

I have a few questions for you. Some serious, some not so serious.

Let's start with the casual questions and then I will segway into the more formal ones.

Little Drummer Boy, our music director pointed out that you are probably not real, but I don't know. Could you have been real? Are you real?

What did it smell like in the stable? I mean, I can use my imagination, but I would really like to hear some descriptive words thrown in here.

Or how about, how did it sound? Was the caucophony of animals as loud as "Away in the Manger," makes it out to be, or was it more along the lines of "Silent Night?"

What song were you playing? I would just really like to know what you were rocking out to. I don't suppose it was to Chris Rice or Michael W Smith. Maybe to Jars of Clay, that's right up your alley right?

What were you thinking when you marched in there? Were you scared, because I would be terrified. Shaking in my flip flops, wet my pants kind of scared.

You seem like the brave type.

Did they all look up at you when you came in a "rum pa pum pumming?" I imagine their attention was otherwise involved, but maybe they were just checking in order to keep Him safe.

What did you see in their eyes?

Any confusion?

They are human after all.

And finally, Little Drummer Boy, what gave you the idea to play your best for Him? A little baby. In a manger, without the usual hubub of birth surrounding Him. You played your best for a baby.

No matter what, I want to play my best for Him, no matter what the circumstances.

aka the not so talented pianist.

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Marsha C said...

HaHaHaHaHaHa! Jars of Clay! So clever. But seriously, what a perfect blog. I have actually wondered those things too but not with as much literary elegance. I still wonder where in the world you got that from. I do so love you!!