Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meeting with the Principal

I just met with my principal, and found out that they have worked a little something out for me.

I will be long term subbing (so the same thing I am doing right now, same pay too,) until April 9th.

I will be in a third grade classroom across the hall from the first day of school in January until the last day in February. There is a weekend, and then on that following Monday, the second of March, I believe, I will begin in a fourth grade classroom. I will only be there for a month, or until Spring Break, but still!

Praise God for working this out! We were going to be alright financially, but this added bonus will be a huge bonus. It will give us some breathing room. A chance to save. And a chance to work on getting rid of any student debt.

Must go pick up kiddos from PE.

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Emily said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! They must really like you or they wouldn't bother to work something out! You'll be in our prayers- as always! Love from the Vargas Clan!