Wednesday, January 21, 2009


What? I didn't tell you I'm going to North Carolina for the weekend?

Hmmm. That's weird.

Maybe because it's such a whirlwind trip I kinda forgot, myself. (uhhhhh, it HAS been on the calendar since Christmas though,)

What? You are still wondering why I am going? Well, I will tell you.

Ian's cousin Esther is getting married in/near Charlotte this weekend and since Ian's dad is officiating and it is Ian's mom's 50th birthday this weekend, we felt as if we really shouldn't miss it.

What? You are wondering how we are going to drive up there, attend a wedding, and drive back, all in a weekend?

Well, we are leaving directly after I finish teaching on Thursday, driving until we get there around 11 on Thursday night. Friday we are just going to chill in Charlotte somewhere, Friday night is the rehearsal/dinner, Saturday is the wedding/family celebration time for Mom G's 50th, and Sunday we are maybe meeting with some friends and then leaving around 3-4ish and coming home.

Crazy, I know.

Don't remind me.

Also, I have discovered I am a contingency packer. For instance, I KNOW it's going to be in the 40-50, but what if it is in the 20's? I most definitely need those extra layers then.

What? I didn't tell you that we are staying with my loveliest loveliest friend, Courtney Watson. She's a teacher up there and has opened our home to us so we don't have to pay for a hotel! Hurrah!

And don't forget the bathing suit.

I will try to update before I leave tomorrow!

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Kyle Scharf said...

i did that same thing, we drove to raleigh, NC on a friday, went to a photo seminar on saturday and sunday and drove back on sunday evening. it was nuts.