Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am So so SO excited for this weekend trip! It will be a nice break from teaching and Gainesville, though it's very possible I will freeze my hiney off.

I packed some wonderful snacks for our drive, and there is a chance that I am really excited about our brownie cookies and our hummus and pita for snack. And our Strawberries. And our Diet Caffeine Free Coke, (or DCFC, as we refer to it inthe Galloway household.) Did I tell you Ian can't have caffeine? Gives him horrible headaches, bordering on migraine level. We need to get him tested for that one though before it's official.

Mmmmm. Hummus.

Also, over at Bound To Books, the votes are in, we are reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Head on over there for directions to join our virtual book club!

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