Saturday, January 3, 2009

How I Got Started

I know, these past couple of blog posts have not been nearly as entertaining, but I figure a little seriousness is alright everyonce in awhile, as long as yo uare not morose.

The question of HOW I got started blogging goes WAY back.

In fact, it goes back to OVER five years ago! November 17th, 2003 to be exact. I believe my postings that month had to do with my wisdom teeth getting pulled and having to sleep on the floor when family came in for Thanksgiving.

I LOVE love LOVE looking back at those posts because it documents some of my high school and college career. I say 'some' loosely too, because I really only posted 3-4 times a month and some months would have nothing all together!

Oh, right. The story of how it happened. I, um, actually don't know how my Xanga got started, (check it out here) so if you do know, let me know. I think maybe one of my friends started theirs and I followed suit.

Then, about a year ago, I "friended" a woman from church who I vaguely remembered, on facebook, and found a link to her blog on her facebook page. I began reading Kaylyn's blog and it soon became a slight obsession. I just loved that I had a window into someone else's life for the little details, important or non important. Not that I was a blog stalker or anything. Really. Well, I guess it did take me a couple of months to comment on her blog and let her know that I was reading, but that doesn't mean I was a blog stalker....does it?

Oh well. I am fine with blog stalking her, because I fell in L-O-V-E with blogger and how they run. And just in the last few months I really have come to like blogging more and more.

So, that is my story. I have had almost NO frustrations with this site and am so happy at how customizable it is. Really, if I have any blog stalkers right now, come out with it! And join the blogging world.

The End

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Kaylyn said...

you can blog stalk me anytime!! Love reading your as well!! :)