Sunday, February 8, 2009

St. Augustine

Yesterday, Ian and I took a day trip out to St. Augustine, Florida to meet up with our friends Katie and Mike.
But first, we had to drive through the armpit of Florida.

That's right people. Armpit.

I usually like rural Florida drives, because it shows you that not all of the state is beaches and palm trees. In fact, most of it is herding pasture, orange groves, or pine scrub.

Well, when we drove through Interlochen, FL, yesterday, I was disgusted with Florida. And that is a rare occassion! It did not even deserve a picture.

I didn't want to break my lense after all.

So, if you are ever in north east central Florida, and going for a drive through nowheresville, stop on by to see Interlochen, FL, home of the ugliest town in Florida!


Right. St. Augustine! That is what those picture below are of. Sadly, they are probably my only two good pictures too. I love taking pictures and have a heart and half an eye for photography, (though nothing like my talented cousin, Kyle,)but, alas, an artist can only do so much with his materials. Especially when they aren't so good.

I thought I had my dream camera, (well, my dream for NOW,) but it turns out this model of the kodak easyshare is worse than my six year old model! The flash is funky, and it is a pain in the butt in "manual," mode.

I'm not sure when I will ever get my dream camera, I don't even know what that camera is yet! I need to do some research I think.

Oh. Right. Ye Olde city.

So we got lunch, then went to the fort (oldest European settlement in USA and oldest fortification,) then walked around the old town doing some people watching. Then we went into the Greek Orthodox Shrine, because, why not?

Because, 99 cents gets you this much deliciousness....We just couldn't pass it up. And this time we didn't have to share!!!


Emily said...

How fun!! I love St. Augustine! You think you're quirky for taking pictures at the Greek shrine? It is too beautiful to not take pictures of! My quirky thing to do in St. Augustine is go to the old cemetery and read the headstones. I can't read them and not think of what those poor first settlers must have endured living there in that time. My favorite restaurant there is the old Columbia- great food! I'm so glad you got to go! The ice cream looked yummy too!

Marsha C said...

Great pictures Brit. I love St. Augustine too. It's that history thing. Have a great week!

Unknown said...

I love your pictures. How do you think of taking such cool shots?

Did not realize FL had an armpit... ;-)

Callie said...

I like how you took a picture of your own ice cream cone! That's something I would do, LOL!

Kaylyn said...

I am soooooo jealous! Brent and I would take day trips when we were dating and weekend trips (when we were married!)to St. Augustine all the time. I LOVE it there. Oh, Kilwins, how I miss the....