Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogging Book Goal- Book #9

I really whizzed through the next two books! I feel like I am really getting back into the swing of reading for enjoyment, instead of having to force myself to read because I was in a reading slump!

First up, I read a fiction book! I love fiction, I can usually just breeze right through them, and I get SO involved in the story line!

I am falling in L-O-V-E with Jane Austen, like I never thought possible! I chose Northanger Abbey as my next Austen book to read, because, well, I thought it sounded neat.

Then, I read the back, and I was hooked!

I stormed through that book in three days! Though, truthfully, it really isn't that big.

I loved the characters and the setting (I really want to go to Bath, England now!) and I love how the premise of the entire story is about a young woman's imagination getting the best of her.

Because I never have that problem *sheepish grin!*

My only complaint, is that it does not actually get to the plot/climax of the book until chapter 24 out of 30! The first 23 chapters were basically the characters walking around talking, and I was waiting for the drama to commence.


Callie said...

I LOVE Jane Austen! I haven't read Northanger Abbey yet though, so I'll have to get that one next!

katie said...

I have to second Callie. I LOVE Jane Austen as well!

I'm glad you are enjoying reading again.

BTW: Have I told you lately that I really like the music on your blog? Especially that "Keep Breathing" song...

Kyle Scharf said...

dangit, cousin... READ THE OLD MAN WHO READ LOVE STORIES!!! it's my favorite book and it is awesome.

Claire said...

Oh, great book! I *love* Austen. And Bath is lovely, btw, such a gem of a city.