Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Little Zoom Zoom

I've been thinking about my car lately.

First, I took it to get its oil changed, which was long overdue.

Then, I washed it, inside and out, and it is now sparkling!

Then, I took it on a mini road trip. Well, I took it on a road trip to the airport!'s all the same.

I thought I would share the story of my car to you all!

Back in high school, my parents made a deal with me.

Get a 100 percent scholarship to a college, and, since they wouldn't have to pay tuition, they would buy me a car.

Sweet deal, right?

It was!

The biggest hurdle would be accomplishing that SAT score. Bleh.

But I did, the summer after my sophmore year. Technically I reached the 100 percent scholarship SAT level on my first try, so, naturally, I didn't even bother retaking it once I had another year of math under my belt (probably my biggest regret- just so I could beat Ian's score!)

That summer, my parents took me car shopping. We didn't really know what we were looking for, but we wanted something super safe, and something that would last a while and transition with me into being a grown up. Also, we looked for a car that I could tote kids around in! Ha! Not many 16 years olds include that in their car check list!

Have I mentioned how lucky I am that my parents were able and willing to provide their teenage daughter with a car? Because I am. Very VERY lucky. And blessed.

Within 2-3 hours, we found it!

A 2003 Mazda Protege! Except mine is dark green.

Oh how I love that little car!

And it has loved me back, let me tell you!

I have never had anything really go wrong with it (minus a battery about three years in, and a window mechanism this year,) and has been super easy to take care of!

*knock on wood*

Wouldn't want it to suddenly burst into flames after all!


That would not be cool.

At all.

*Correction. I wrote this post about two days ago, but on my drive to the airport, I was reminded of one "minor," error with my little zoom zoom.

About two years about, I was in a hit and run accident while sitting at a red light (it was pretty horrible, let me tell you! My arm was pinned in between the door and the seat, and I couldn't get the police/paramedics attention, and I couldn't reach my phone, and no one came to check on me for almost 10 minutes! They were checking on the car behind me first, and I just sat there crying.. stuck. It was sad. Then it dawned on them that there was another car in the accident and they came up to my door, and were like "open the door." and I was all "I caaaaaaan't. My arm is pinned!!!!! Of course, all of that was said within hysterical sobs. Then there was all sort of scrambling and then I was unpinned!)

Right. SO, my car got a new door, and some other parts, but what we didn't realize was that in the shake up of the accident, my radio/cd player was damaged and should have been replaced. Only, we realized that AFTER the insurance paid for everything else to be fixed!

So now, I have a hysterical clock radio/ CD player. The buttons don't do what they say they are going to do. You have to "try" different buttons to, say, skip a song. And then, darn it, it just ejected my CD! And then you have to start all over again.

Sometimes I give it a good ol' slam with my hand, and, like magic, it works again.

The best though, is definitely the clock. It often freezes on one time, and I will be driving, thinking to myself "Wow, 1:55, I have made GREAT time! Maybe I won't be late!" and then it dawns on me about my little clock problem, and I slam my hand, and.... 2:05!!!!


My friend Katie loves "slamming," my clock. It actually is very fulfilling. I promise!


Jessica said...

I can relate to your story! My parents bought me a little 1999 Dodge Neon when I went off to college. I was so grateful that they bought a car for me! That was 5 years ago, and the car still runs great. I have had no major problems with it, and I love it! It will be hard to part with it when the time comes :-)

Your car is dad had a Mazda Protege (a lot older than yours!) when my sister and I were little and we loved it. Unfortunately I totaled it while I had my drivers permit! lol oops. Luckily the accident wasn't my fault, I didn't get sited and my dad forgave me pretty easily, but he missed his little Mazda!

steve said...

at last, i finally found your blog,so i find it only fitting to post something in the most appropriate spot( the car section). you will find that all cars have their very own personality. some take after their owners from time to time. if is this is the case for you, your car will turn into chocolate ( cause you are just so sweet) then everyone will want to go for a ride with you. so treat your car with the charm that you have, and it will treat you with the love that you deserve :)
i luv ya! unca steve