Friday, March 13, 2009

Europe Revisited- Part Four- Normandy

If you missed post one through three, on London, Oxford, and Paris, um.... just scroll down a little.

And, actually, we arrived there ON the anniversary of D-Day, so there were all of these veterans and such there, which made it really neat.
We had a mini lecture, and a private wreath laying ceremony (ps: on another blog, when talking about a wreath, one blogger called it a "reef," I didn't have the heart to correct her!)

Then we took a tour of the beach, and by tour, they said, LOOK! the beach!

Standing with our feet in the freezing North Atlantic.

The beach where so many men sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Then, Katie and I took a little tumble into a bunker. And landed on briars. For some reason it horrified me.

Me in front of Normandy beach

These next couple are taken at the International D-Day memorial.

Jessica and I on the bus in between memorials!

That's it folks! We took a ferry back to England, stayed at a hotel near Heathrow, then left in the morning!


Callie said...

Goodness, it looks freezing on that beach, with you and Katie in your coats and bare feet!

katie said...

Ohk, first: I like the music playing in the background.

What an incredible day that must have been, the picture with the green and blue ocean is beautiful.

How many days was your trip? I seriously. need to go.

Unknown said...

The beaches look gorgeous!!! X.