Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yellow Dresses, Mancala, The Beach, and Cheesecake

Oh my weekend has been chock full of the most exciting things.


This time I have not one drop of sarcasm.

This time.

Seriously though! On Thursday I made a good choice, with some assistance, (thanks Katie!) to go to Orlando for my friend Courtney's brides maids (I'm one!) dress picking up. oi. sorry for the confusing sentence. I don't know how to clarify that.

I arrived in town around 3, hung out with my friend Katie K for an hour, dropped by the Vargas', popped into the Alderman's and fed those kiddos, and made a beeline for our 6 oclock dress picking up appointment.

Phew. I made it.

Only, we didn't really try on the dresses, (thank goodness. maybe that means I can lose 4 pounds and get a tan before puttong on the strapless yellow dress!)

Instead, we headed to get some ice cream (duh. We didn't have to put on a dress!) and then to the Bride's house to work on invitation stuff.

Finished that and crashed at my friend, Jessica's house for the night.

Woke up SUPER early, and drove across town to pick up my friend Raphaela, then we rode together to the beach and met up with all of the girls.

Fun FUN fun day at the beach. Just alot of laying around, pretending to read/work on homework/ do anything besides sleep in the sun,
but really,
we were just sleeping in the sun.

Left around 3 and got food for the first time that day. Thank you, golden arches.

It took forever to get back home, but that's alright. Took a shower and headed back to the Alderman's to spend time with the family. I played mancala with 8 year old Carter (he beat me,) read a book with five year old Abigail, and listened to Courtney (13,) and Madison (10, almost 11,) practice lines for their 8th grade/5th grade plays.

Mrs. Angela served me pizza and a resees egg like I was 8 again, but I still enjoyed it. She's the best. After we chased the kiddos to bed, we set up skype on her computer, and called my mom on it! Chatted for a little bit before heading to bed.

Crashed at Jessica's house again, and woke up SUPER early, because I had plans, people!

First I drove through our little downtown, because I hadn't seen the construction progress on my hometown church in months. IT'S HUGE!

Second, I drove by my alma mater. It's still butt ugly.

Third, I went to Tar-jay. What a great place. I got me a bridal shower card, an engagement card (my bro-in-law just proposed to his girlfriend the night before!) tissue paper, two luna bars, and a planner (more on that later.)

Fourth, I went to our mall and became somberly depressed at how many store fronts are empty. Our mall is going out of business I think. But that's alright, because Jessica and I came up with a great plan.

If only we had an investor who would buy it for us.

Um... and who wouldn't expect a profit back.


Right. The mall.

Got my ring cleaned at the jewler (the sunscreen does NOT make a diamond sparkle.)
And THEN I got my toes done with some leftover birthday money.

Hong Kong Sunset. That is my favorite color on my toes. And it just so happened to match my coral colored dress I was wearing for the bridal shower.

Rushed back to Jessica's so I could ride with her to the shower, where we gorged ourselves on fresh fruit and chicken salad sandwiches, and delighted ourselves in Factory bought Cheesecake (hint hint.)

Met hubby in Altamonte where he was viewing a movie.

He kissed me profusely and told me that he missed me.

I batted my eyelashes and said "you're late."

He kissed me again and the weekend was perfect.

More weekend still available.


Callie said...

That does sound like you had a lovely time! *sigh* I want one of my friends to get married so I can go to another wedding! I'm a wedding addict.

Kristin said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I need to get my toes done! They're always painted, but I actually need to go get them done!

Emily said...

I'm glad you had a fun weekend! We were so happy to see your smiling face!! Emma's bummed she missed you,so we'll have to work something out soon! I'm glad you spent time with the Alderman's- I know you gave them much needed love and sunshine! You're a blessing to all of us, Britt! We love you more than words can say!

Angela said...

All I care about is that you are OKAY!!!! About 15 minutes after you left here Friday night I was up vomiting for over 10 HOURS!!! Brittney it was AWFUL and ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT was how I didn't want you to catch what I had!!!!! I was sound asleep when you called on Saturday on prescription Phenergan. I was sure I was going to die! I LOVE YOU and I had the best time with you-- you still ARE 8 in my mind, so hush and enjoy your pizza and Reeses eggs young lady!!! xoxoxoxo

OlyviaNoel said...

What a nice weekend! I agree with Callie - I want one of my friends to get married too so I can enjoy more wedding fun :) Yellow bridesmaid dresses sound pretty and cheesecake is my absolute favorite. I haven't had a slice in a while!