Friday, March 20, 2009


While cleaning out my dungeon of a closet, you will never believe what I found!


When I was in Paris, I bought two little paintings of The Arch de Triumphe, and the Eiffel Tower!

And, apparently, tucked them away in my folder of kindergarten art work.


And though I have looked enviously at my momma's prints that I brought back for her, I totally forgot about the ones I bought for myself.

Did I mention that trip was in 2006?

And did I mention that the blue/green/gray's in these paintings will look amazing with my Pottery Barn bedroom when matted and framed?

I am so excited!


Callie said...

Those are beautiful!

katie said...

I agree with Callie, those are beautiful!

Thanks for your comment yesterday. I'll try to get back to posting soon :)

Emily said...

Awesome prints, Britt! much of a pain it is to clean closets...God always seems to turn it into a treasure hunt! What a great treasure to have found! You've gotta take a picture of what they look like on your wall!