Friday, March 20, 2009


Back in the day, I loved Photography.

Absolutely adored it.

This was before the day of digital cameras and photo shop.

This was before the day of being able to see exactly what the picture would look like when you took it, and being able to retake a million if you so desire.

This was when I got to take pictures in Black and White and hand develop them in a dark room.

Ooooooo, the dark room.

I loved the dark room.
The quiet, the careful, exact movements.
The stepping through the turnstile out into the classroom lights, revealing your end product.
Man, I loved it.
I should really write my photography teacher.
and tell her how it's of no use now since you can't even buy film anymore.
hmmm, maybe I should not mention that.
I probably should also not mention the fact that learning how to develop in a dark room does you no good unless you actually have a dark room.
Yeah, I won't mention that.
My favorite thing to take pictures of was children. Probably because I was always surrounded by them.


I loooooved how these turned out.

Unfortunately, this is only 3 out of 4 of the kids. The youngest was, well, red and splotchy that day due to an allergic reaction. haha, poor foofy. Her pictures did not turn out all that attractive.

My favorite thing we learned about was called "tinting." Which is where you take a developed B&W, coat it with rubbing alcohol, and use oil pastel pencils to color it, giving it a really soft glowy-vintage kind of feel.

This one of Carter cracks me up. He was obsessed with that denim jacket for like a month, right around then, and you can see his Thomas shirt peeking through.

Plus, I love his little bangs.

He'd be SOOooo embarrassed to see this now. He is all suave and debonair now that he is 8.

I also loved taking pictures of special times. My favorite series of photographs, is from when my sister and I went to Magic Kingdom together. I can't find my favorite now (a picture of the rope bridge from the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House,) but as soon as I do I will post it!

My second favorite picture of all time, was probably because of my place in life. This was taken at the beginning of my senior year, on the people I nanny for's property. I spent alot of time there and I alwaays thought it was so beautiful- rustic, rural Florida. My best friend's car is in the foreground, and I just thought that it spoke wonders of the path and journey that I was about to embark on for college and grownup life.


Kristin said...

I really like your photos. I used to take pictures all the time. In fact, I used to drive out to places just to take photos. I miss that.

Emily said...

What beautiful prints!! You really have a good eye...that's a gift from God...not everyone is blessed with it! Thanks for the sweet trip down memory lane! Courtney and Madison seem so grown up when comparing your pictures to how they look now! Where did the time go? I miss Carter and his Thomas obsession...he's still a beautiful boy even if he's a debonair 8 year old! I want Zachary to hang on to the Thomas stage's a precious short time!

Callie said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! I love the car picture too, pictures like that always make me feel sentimental.

Angela said...

Those pictures make my heart swell! I remember your photography days like they were yesterday! love you bunches!!!