Sunday, March 15, 2009


Tonight, NBC aired a new television show called "Kings." Ian and I decided it look really interesting and we decided we would give it a chance today, and decide if it would be worth following or not. You see, we really don't watch that many shows regularly. I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 religiously, have Biggest Loser on but am usually multitasking during this time, and we both are enraptured with The Office, so really, only 2 shows.

I digress.

Within exactly 8 minutes, I noticed something peculiar.

The main character was visited by the national reverend and "anointed."
The main character's name was David Shepherd.
His mother's name is Jessie.
He is the youngest of 6 brothers.
He was sent to the battlefields, and took on the monster tank, named "Goliath."
He saved the king's son.


Anyone recognize the story of David from the Bible?

I was immensely cheesed when I figured this out. (well it didn't take a genius that's for sure!)

I'm still undecided on if I like it or not. We'll see.


Callie said...

Huh, I vaguely remember seeing something about that show . . . was it any good or did it totally butcher the story? Well, I know it was a different version of David's story, but do you like how they portrayed it or not?

Anonymous said...

I did like's interesting!