Saturday, May 9, 2009

Going to the Chapel...

Today, is the wedding day of one of my dearest friends!

Never mind the fact that Courtney Dickson is marrying Sean Dixon, (I know, it astounded me too!)

Courtney is a wonderful friend, very caring, and an awesome listener! Out of all of us girls, Courtney and I have the most similar dispositions and personalities, which makes it super easy to relate to her.

Courtney and I became friends way back in sixth grade, on a m trip to Atlanta, GA. I made her a coffee maker...that still had coffee grounds....Bleck!

Either way, we became fast friends, and through the ensuing 12 years we have remained close!

I wish her and Sean the best of happiness as they begin their life together.

I love you, Courtney!


Kelley said...

dickson and totally awesome! I hope it was a fabulous wedding!

Unknown said...

HOW LOVELY! Your bouquet! wow! xo.