Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Favorite Wedding Pictures 2.0

All week, I am recapping out wedding with posts on our favorite wedding pictures (we had an amazing photographer!) in celebration of our one year anniversary.

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This post is all about the bridesmaids! Let me first tell you though, that I have 3 wedding regrets, and they all have to do with my poor planning with the photographer.

#1 I regret not making a specific list of photos/poses that I wanted taken
#2 I regret not asking for individual shots of my wedding party
#3 I regret not getting pictures with my flowergirl AND ring bearer

There are other poses that I wanted, like me with the groomsmen, Ian with the bridesmaids, and in locations (we hardly took any inside our venue - an old courthouse turned history museum!) but those three regrets are the most specific, and they are also my fault! I knew I was supposed to make up a list, I just put it off.

Let me explain #2, because I know this isn't often done. My thinking is this: all of bridesmaids/groomsmen/flower girl/ring bearer/family of the bride or groom, have put alot of time, effort, and money into being there and looking good. They all looked so wonderful! It would have taken an extra 5-10 minutes top to get individuals of all my girls, and I know they would have loved to have them (after all, we live in a profile picture society.)

All that to say, here are some of my favorite pictures with just the girls:


katie said...

You all look like you add so much fun! And your dress is absolutely stunning! As is your hair.

I don't absolutely love the bridesmaids dresses I choose at my wedding, so one of my regrets has to do with bridesmaids as well.

I'm really enjoying this wedding pictures recap! Thanks for sharing

Callie said...

Ah, cute! One of my regrets is not getting more pictures of me and my bridesmaids. I felt like we were running out of time before the ceremony, and dog-gone-it, Derek kept coming out of the building he was supposed to stay in! We also were strict adherents to the no-seeing-the-bride-before-the-ceremony rule, and so our photo session was cut short because of that. But I do really regret that now. Oh well, we still got some nice ones, and you can't go back, right?

Kristin said...

Cute pics! I work at a photography studio and a lot of brides forget to give us a list -- so don't feel bad! It's crazy how many different photo combinations you can come up with! I am loving these posts -- your wedding photos are beautiful!