Friday, June 19, 2009

Favorite Wedding Pictures 3.0

Although my computer is still in a coma, I think that I will be able to squeeze out a couple more of these wedding posts because my wonderful husband has alot of our files backed up on his external hardrive! Hurray!

Check it out:
Favorite 1.0
Favorite 1.5
Favorite 2.0

Today's is all about the men. My man specifically, but, all of the other men involved too.

(isn't he handsome?)

Ian was so in awe of the whole wedding process, because he had never been to a wedding before! Now, one year later, this is old news to him, because since our wedding he has been to four or five weddings. I'm so glad our wedding was his first, because he really was in wonder at the whole thing, and was interested in hearing about the customs and traditions that we were incorporating.

Ian has a pretty tight knit group of guys, who, all but one, grew up together! Ian has two brothers, Sid (older,) and Andrew (younger,) who were groomsmen as well!


Callie said...

Aw, I love wedding pictures!

Cara said...

How had he never been to a wedding before?!?!