Thursday, June 4, 2009

On the Big Screen

One of my favorite things about summer, is the movies! Nothing beats the summertime blues than heading to the theater to watch a summer blockbuster.

I must tell you I am a big Indie fan (independent movies, that is, not the Indy race) but I prefer to view those type of movies in the privacy of my home....they tend to have much more to reflect on and think over.

Ian and I try to, as a rule, stay away from R rated movies. That doesn't mean that we won't go see one if it has gotten excellent reviews and the R rating is explained reasonably, but we try to protects ourselves somewhat from the ridiculous "culturalization," that occurs.

I tend to have an eclectic taste when it comes to movies. I love me some romatic comedies, but an action movie is just as exciting! The Horror/Thriller genre I stay away from, because I don't want to wet my bed (duh.)

Mystery/Suspense can come out really great, or really horrible, so that is always a coin toss. I wait until I hear raving reviews before I head out to that type of movie.

Anything Historical I will probbably like (darn you, Mom and Dad, for dragging me to almost every Civil War battlefield on the Eastern coast!)

Dramas are also a cointoss, not because they won't be good/interesting, but because it's very possible they are incredibly predictable and redundant.

And kids movies......well, Pixar/Disney are must sees, no matter what. It's Disney! And I'm a Florida girl, through and through, (though I will admit to not going to see Bolt. Shame Brittney, Shame!)

Teeny Bopper Movies- No thank you, I have never EVER been a fan. Except, um, The Lizzie McGuire Movie. What? Can't a 12 year old enjoy herself?

I'm sure I left out a ton of genres, but that's alright, because I covered enough. So now, ladies and gentlemen,

Brittney's Movies-To-See in 2009!
(insert trumpets and fanfare)

Transformers 2- Uh, hello! The first one was amazing, please tell me you have seen it!
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince- Uh, yes, I will be Netflixing the rest to be reminded
UP- Going this weekend to see this one!
The Proposal- Sandra Bullock= Hilarious. Anyone a Miss. Congeniality fan?
The Ugly Truth-Kinda like a reverse Hitch...PLUS, I adore Gerard Butler (Phantom!)
Post Grad- Because Alexis Bledel/Gilmore Girls is my favorite
Gamer- Because....well... I just have a feeling I'll get dragged to this one by my husband and FIL

alright, this last one isn't released until October 16th, so it's not really a summer movie, but I am SO excited!

Where the Wild Things Are!

Oh, please oh please oh please, go here and watch the trailer, and let me know what you think! I love how they have captured so many of the illustrations into real life! It looks good!

Let me know if there are any big movies that I missed!


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing! I hadn't heard of some of those movies and am excited to check them out!

I also cannot WAIT to see the new Harry Potter movie, and The Proposal looks hilarious!

I had forgotten that they were making a "Where the Wild Things Are" movie. I just watched the trailer, and it looks amazing! It really looks like the characters walked right off the page of the book. I will definitely be going to see that one!

Love is the Movement said...

UP! was fantastic. I walked out of the theater with a grin on my face. It was just one of those movies where its pure entertainment and good-feeling. Yay for adorable little old men!

And you should go see My Sister's Keeper.
But first you should read the book :]

Callie said...

I share your enthusiasm for movies! I have my summer list too. *smile*
Hmm, I'll have to watch that trailer - I haven't heard of Where the Wild Things Are yet.

Kelley said...

We just went to see My LIfe in Ruins (from the lady who was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and we really liked it. It started a little slow, but we all left with big smiles on our face!

I just love going to se movies!