Saturday, June 13, 2009

On this Day,

On this Day Last year,

I had just gotten my nails done for the wedding,

Then had four of them ruined when practicing with the runner.

I Was harrassed by our family friends because I wasn't stressed enough,

But I kept my cool *almost* the entire day.

I pulled on my rehearsal dress, and felt horribly ugly (that's the worst feeling folks, especially 24 hours until your wedding.)

My only consolation was the fact that I would look beautiful in 24 hours.

I still had not printed out our programs for the wedding ceremony, because I had a vision for them,

Instead of just being cut and dry "here are the events," I wanted it to be detailed and on beautiful paper, instead of something everyone would instantly throw away.

I went to 3 different copy places, and it turns out my paper was too thick,

So I stayed up WAY late, hand feeding batches of 10 into my printer, one side at a time.

Our rehearsal went perfectly, except for one altercation with a grooms men's girlfriend, who wanted to chill with the men in the morning of the wedding as they got ready.

I corrected her on the proper etiquette of the day (NO!)

We had a beautiful rehearsal dinner, complete with maracas, sombreros, mariachi bands, and chimichangas.


My fiance drove me home and kissed me goodnight, one last time, before we would become man and wife!



Unknown said...

This was posted yesterday so happy anniversary for today! I hope you have a beautiful day! x

Kelley said...

happy anniversary!