Saturday, July 11, 2009

Honest Scrap

Kristen, over at A Journey Through the Waiting Game nominated me for a blog award about two weeks ago, and I forgot all about it!
Part of the stipulation on this award, is that I need to tell you ten things that you may not know about me, so, here I go!

1. I hate ice chewing. And not just the sound of ice actually being chewed, but the sound of an empty cup/glass filled with ice being repeatedly raised to get a few pieces of ice in a mouth. It is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Too bad Ian is a chronic ice chewer! We're working on it though, me not being so annoyed, and him not being so annoying! haha.

2. I am a rule follower, to the T. I am literally terrified of getting in trouble and will avoid so at all costs. I walk in crosswalks only when the lighted man says to "walk." I order off of menus in the exact wording that it says, so that I will be following the restaurant's rules, and I never EVER ask for sides to be substituted. The following picture is a great example. I was in Jordan, visiting Ian, and we went to a museum that had pieces of the Dead Sea Scroll. Ian wanted a picture of it, but we were in a "no camera," zone. He took a picture anyway. I, was near tears.

3. I don't like mushrooms. Period.

4. I can, and often do, drink an obscene amount of milk per day. Probably at least half a gallon. Too bad the Middle East doesn't have "American," style milk, and instead have this microwaved stuff that can sit out on your shelf. What is that? I am thinking this might be my biggest "culture shock," area.

5. I played basketball in the second grade, and was one of two girls on the team. I loved it. That is, until my Dad, in his desire for me to score, yelled from the sidelines one time, and I was done. I'm pretty sure I cried for the rest of the game, lol.

6. I am not a cat person. (sorry!) but they really freak me out. I can be around them, but if I had a choice, I wouldn't. I love dogs. Except not my in-laws dogs. They are gross.

7. When I am tired, I repeatedly rub my nose on something soft, like a pillow, blanket, or jacket, if it is in my hands.

8. I have a deep affection for McDonald's Double Cheeseburgers, sans pickles. And in the Middle East.... they deliver! Wahoo! (I am going to be a giant. I have accepted it.)

9. I love, love, LOVE children's books. I could spend all of our (nonexistent,) income on children's books for our future children. Or, ya know, just for me. On a sidenote, yesterday at babysitting, 5 year old Clara asked me when Mr. Ian and I would have kids, and I replied "oh, I don't know." Then she asked me what I would name them, and I asked her if she had any suggestions. Oh did she. I believe the best one was Esmerelda, lol. And she told us to have five kids.

10. When I was swimming alot, in high school, we would do exercises called hypoxics, in order to decrease the amount of oxygen we needed, and to increase our body's efficiency with air. Basically, it was "holding your breath drills." I would practice in class, when the clock was in front of me, and I got really good! Over a minute and a half of holding my breath, and not passing out, haha.

That's it! Ya'll are more informed about my quirks then you ever thought necessary!


Anonymous said...

I loved your facts. I can't believe McDonalds delivers! I am like with you with the large quantities of milk. I can't imagine milk sitting on the counter.

I am new to your blog and if you don't mind me asking how long have you lived in the middle East? Will you be staying? Very interesting.

Congrats on the award.

Kyle Scharf said...

Hey, I saw the Dead Sea Scrolls also. I couldn't take pictures though...

Jessica said...

I can totally identify with #2...I have to follow rules or I just about have an anxiety attack. lol...kind of weird that I married an ornery guy, who likes to stretch the rules a little bit :-P I guess we keep each other balanced out!

Unknown said...

I agree Brittany! Mushrooms are icky - why would anyone want to eat fungus!? x

Kelley said...

loved your facts and I HATE mushrooms as well!