Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I think I have made a little discovery.

I'm kind of embarrassed of it though.

I think I have been regressing a bit.

And by "a bit,"

I mean a whole honking lot.

And by regressing, I mean, I had learned that basic household chores should be accomplished on a daily basis, and I now no longer have the will power to do them.

I don't think it is a permanent regression however. I believe it is temporary. I believe it has to do with my amount of motivation....you know, while living at my in-laws.

Three months ago, we lived in our own place and I did all of the cooking, cleaning, straightening, laundry, ironing without even a hiccup.

Now, I live here. Which means that if I don't do something.....they will. Ha! So I haven't been cleaning the bathroom (like I probably should,) or helping out in the kitchen (like I probably should,) all because I don't really want to clean up after people that aren't my husband. (and my brother in law and parent in laws are definitely not my husband.)


It will be a whole other story when we move to TN in four weeks, and we have a bathroom all to ourselves, and I am sure my help cooking will be fully accepted.

For now, who cares if my bed doesn't get made?

Or my counters not scrubbed?

Or if my poor, adorable husband has to wear wrinkly dress shirts to church?

Not I. That's for sure.


Anonymous said...

I say go for it. For the time being, relax! I sometimes go through phases with chores. Sometimes I despise vaccuming, sometimes I love it.

Callie said...

Ha! Well, I understand how you must feel - I would probably be lacking in motivation too! *smile*

Unknown said...

I'd enjoy it while you can for the next 4 weeks! xxx

Hannah said...

haha I know what you mean... I have one question though, do your inlaws know about or read your blog???

Kelley said...

I am the same way when I am at my parents' house for a prolonged amount of time. Enjoy it!