Sunday, August 9, 2009

Breaking News

We are moving to Tennessee!

Isn't this just awesome breaking news?

Well, to you guys anyways!

We've known since "the day."

You know, the day where we found out our job with The Company has been postponed by almost a year? And that we had no home (of our own,) money, or jobs. Yeah. That day was not-so-awesome.

But, we decided right then and there that we should say our goodbyes, pack up, and drive both cars to go live with my folks in Lebanon, TN!

This is very exciting news I tell you, because I have not seen my parents since March, and that is a crying shame.

Also, I am excited because Ian and I will be on one side of the house, with no one else next door to us!


(I'll take pictures and upload them once we are moved in successfully.)

Also, my puppy, Brandy, will be there waiting for me. And I am her favorite so she will rejoice loudly.

We will stay there until Ian finds a job somewhere. And I mean SOMEwhere, since he has been applying to business jobs in all sorts of big cities, like Nashville, Orlando, Atlanta, Charlotte, Louisville, and DC.

Keep us in your prayers, since we have to take both cars, Ian and I will be driving alone in our respective cars for 12 hours, and I have never done that before!

More on Tuesday when we are at "home, sweet home!"


Callie said...

I'll be praying for you trip! How exciting - you must be happy to see your parents again!

Jessica said...

I bet your so excited! That's a long time without seeing your parents! Praying that all will go smoothly, and that Ian will find a great job :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move. Hopefully things will just fall into place for the both of you. Safe travels!

Kelley said...

I'm so glad that you will be in a better place for you both! Long drives can be a little overwhelming, bt books on tape have really helped me! Most of them may be around 12-14 hours long so that would be perfect for your trip and it keeps your mind active so you don't get too sleepy! I'm praying for safe travels and great job prospects!

Anonymous said...

Dear friend, I'm praying for you as you transition and as you drive for that long, long time! I love you! I'm sure your padres will be so happy to see you!

Hannah said...

Exciting news! Hope everything goes smoothly!