Friday, August 7, 2009

Hello From..

Port Charlotte, FL!

Ian and I are down here in Port Charlotte (or PC as I will here on refer to it as,) for a weekend of family togetherness.

We are staying with my Grandma, in her cute CUTE house full of wonderful childhood memories (for me,) and my aunt/uncle/2 cousins live just a mile or so away!

Also, the whole extended family/clan lives about one town away, so I could really go see them all, but my policy is, "if you don't know how many times removed the cousin is, don't bother stopping in for a visit." And that is the case for that branch of my family tree. I'm always going "and whose kid is that? And who are their siblings? She's my AUNT? oh. Just my fourth cousin. No biggey."

It gets a little messy.

Tonight we hung out, ate some delicious dinner and cupcakes (more to come on those later, I promise,) and played monopoly.

I lost.

To my uncle.

Which is a trend.

When I was younger, after he taught me all the sneaky ways to plan and play, and he was still beating me, I called him a dirty pirate.

He still is one.

That Dirty Pirate.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring in the land of P and C.



Jessica said...

Sounds like a good time! Luke always beats me in Monopoly, and I get really mad! I guess I'm a sore loser, to him anyway :-P

Callie said...

Derek and I played Monopoly last night too! I'm not kidding - it's scary isn't it? We stopped halfway through, and Derek think i won, but I'm not so sure. His whole strategy was to get me to land on Park Place, which had several houses, because it would've broke me. But we could go all night without me landing on it, so we decided to stop. The "dirty pirate" name made me laugh!
Jessica: I can be a sore loser with Monopoly too! I don't know why, and it's really just with Monopoly, not other games. I take it too seriously! Lol!

steve said...

What a great time spent with you two. As always ,I miss most of the time due to work.
But that being said, no one here loves you more than me!

your favorite Dirty Pirate,lol