Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall TV

I love TV.

That should really go without saying.

So you can imagine my joy and elation with this week being the season openers for alot of American television!

I can honestly say I used to be addicted to TV. In high school, I would watch endless hours of Friends, Gilmore Girls, CSI, Law and Order, The Bachelor, and a plethora of other time fillers. (how did I ever have time to do schoolwork?)

But now a days, I have toned back my love for television and I try to keep it under 4 hours of "must see," TV a week. And now, with cutting myself completely from J&K +8 (for ethical/moral/heart wrenching reasons, you see,) It's really down to only 3 hours a week!

Let me just preface all of this by saying this. Do ya'll remember two springs ago? Do you remember how the screen writers guild was on strike and how they stopped making tv shows for like, months? Do you remember how ridiculous that was? Whole TV seasons were cut down to being like 16 episodes because of greed. Sheesh. It still gets my cackles up thinking about it. What was worse was you would see actors sitting at the strikes with the screen writers, and you know the writers were just thinking "this could all be fixed if you (actor,) would just give me 1 million dollars!" ha.


I have other shows that I am interested in, but these are my "must see," shows...

The Office
Oh how this show makes me laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh. It's become like a comfort blanket to me and I can't wait to see what this season brings! On a sadder note, my husband was recently told he reminded someone of Dwight. Ian was a little crushed. I told him it just was due to their high foreheads. I also think it might be because Ian thinks Dwight is funny he'll mimick Dwight and make jokes of Dwight, so if you don't know that he's making fun of him, you might think he IS actually Dwight!

Plus, how could you not love Jim and Pam. More specifically, Jim. He makes my heart melt, and I'm a married woman!

Need I say more? I love the Biggest Loser because of all the results you see. And, because I tend to lose weight when it is on air, because I am more aware of my food choices and activity level. Always nice. Plus, Jillian Michaels is just awesome. Ian and I swear we are going to put on 150 pounds just so we can get on the show. We'll blow everyone out of the water when we shed the weight super fast and then we will win $250,000 which will be nice.

My newest favorite....The Big Bang Theory
Being the Creationist that I am, I originally avoided this show purely because of its title. I mean... "the big bang theory," doesn't exactly scream "I'm a cleverly written comedy about four nerds with extremely high vocabularies living next to a {hot} young female neighbor!" now does it?
But it's so funny! My friend Katie recommended it to me, so, skeptical, Ian and I netflixed it and watched the whole season 1 in like 3 days. Tomorrow, season 2 is released on DVD so it will be coming via Netflix on Wednesday for us to catch up on! Season three starts next Monday night at 9:30 EST on CBS. It can be kinda slutty, but I choose to ignore that because, frankly, most shows are nowadays.
And, with only one season more to catch up on, I can't wait for the new season of 24 to come out in January!
What are your favorite Fall shows?


AmyK said...

I definitely don't watch any of those shows! Haha. We just got a Dish a few weeks ago, so I'm still catching up on stuff. I just watched J&K+8 for the first time two weeks ago :p
I don't think we have any channels that play the new shows, though... hmm..

Jessica said...

Oh man, I still have nightmares about the writer's strike! It was supposed to be the last season of Scrubs (my favorite show EVER) and it was cut so short! Luckily they added another season, and now a spin-off.

I really need to get my hands on the seasons of the Office on DVD. My sister insisted that I watch it, so I watched the first season on DVD and thought it was hysterical. It definitely takes a certain sense of humor to appreciate it, but I definitely have that sense of humor! I just haven't watched the new seasons because I have this really obsessive compulsive habit of HAVING to watch a TV series the whole way through, chronologically, so I'm sure not to miss anything. Hmm...I'll have to put those on my to-watch list :-) Hope the library has them!

And The Big Bang Theory...I saw a commercial for it the other day and became very intrigued. The commercial made me want to watch it, but I was a little confused by the name. But after hearing what you have to say about it, I'll have to check it out.

Can you tell by the length of this comment that I LOVE TV too?? :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't watch a lot of tv, especially new shows that you must watch every week because I would always miss it but I always watch Gossip Girl, or at least tivo it so I can watch it later. Guilty pleasure.

~M~ said...

I LOVE The Office! I have been watching episodes on Sooo funny!!!

Callie said...

I am with you on the Biggest Loser! Can't wait to watch that tomorrow!
Have you ever heard of The Mole? I LOVE that show . . .I think it's more a summer show though. I'm not sure though, because I haven't been able to find it this year. If you ever see it, let me know.
And yes, I used to be a TV addict too. I still am in a way, but I'm trying to get better. Like tomorrow for instance - I'm not going to watch any TV while I'm on my day off - I'm going to do something productive, and maybe watch a LITTLE TV in the afternoon. That's the plan.

Emily said...

I've got to see the Big Bang Theory...I've heard about it, but rarely get to the TV when it is on! I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance...I am in awe of the talent and the weirdos are great for laughs. Two and A Half Men is a hoot and so is How I Met Your Mother...but again...I miss a lot of episodes to my kids and their obsession with Sponge Bob!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE the Big Bang Theory! It is so hilarious! Sheldon is my favorite!!! I also love House. I just started watching Glee and that's pretty good so far.

Kaylyn said...

LOVE both The Office and TBL!!!