Monday, October 5, 2009

A Hiking We Will Go (And we did!)

I somehow forgot to mention that Ian and I went hiking last week!

Ian and I love hiking. Like, we could seriously become backpackers I think. In fact, our first date/when we figured out we were dating, was on a hike! And I really want to hike the Appalachian trail, in segments that is (over my lifetime.)

We have been talking about hiking for about a month now, but since Tennessee had a 2 week rainy period, we had to keep putting it on hold.

Finally, the heavens cleared up and we were able to venture out into the beautiful Tennessee hills/mountains for some hiking.

We headed about 40 minutes west of Nashville to a State Park, which was one of the best kept parks I have ever seen! There weren't a ton of trails, but Ian had researched one that was 7.2 miles so we headed there. It was set along a river, lake, and marsh area, and had several settlement foundations to explore (my fav!)

We had packed a picnic lunch and ended up venturing off the trail to the river bed and eating on a warm, flat rock. Then, we did the very mature thing....threw rocks into the water!

(I am not really good at skipping rocks, so it was just me hurling large rocks into the water to see a splash!)

We ended up missing our turn off for a 3 mile loop, so our hike was only 3-4 miles long. It was alright with me though, because that was the first day in 3 months that I had worn closed toe shoes and my feet were near blistering!

Oh yeah, we found a cemetery for a settler and his two children! A little odd, but that's alright!
PS: Hiking in the mountains is much harder than hiking in flat Florida!


Emily said...

How neat!! What beautiful scenery! It must be fun to hike in the mountains- can't do that in FL! Our idea of a mountain is that big hill called Mt. Dora?! Pitiful! Glad you and Ian got to have a fun adventure! Love from the Vargas Clan!

Elizabeth said...

Love the photos! Looks like it was a perfect day to hike! :-) I am in Arizona, and just love to be outside hiking! But I don't see that much GREEN!!! How wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

oh, and I put your link on my page! Hope you don't mind :-)

~M~ said...

Looks like the perfect weather for hiking!!

Kristin said...

that looks so fun! jorden really wants to do the appalacian trail! you had great weather it looks like oto!

Unknown said...

Aww man I could holiday there it looks so idyllic! x

Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun! I really want to go hiking with Luke's on my to-do list :-)

steve said...

very cool day, you have a little bit of your aunt dee and uncle kenton in you. those kind of trips bring you back to the reality of life and closer to whoever is with you at the time. I plan to do that in a couple of weeks.
luv ya!

Callie said...

Beautiful pictures! That headstone makes me sad. But your P.S. made me laugh! Good post!