Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have been feeling really joyful these last couple of days.

Which is AWESOME because I really haven't been feeling joyful these last couple of months.

And since {Joy} isn't one of those "fake it until you make it" things, like Praise and Thankfulness, I am so grateful to be in this new place.

After all, we have all been down in those valleys where the mountaintop of {Joy} seems miles away.

I still claim James 1:2-3 as my life verse:

"Count it all Joy my brothers, when you face trials and temptations, for the testing of your faith develops Perseverance."

and 4 is pretty amazing as well

"Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

and now, I can be Joyful as I think of all the lessons I have learned these last few months.

and trust me, I am.


I had a wonderful day today! Despite a bad thunderstorm rolling in and leaving me home alone without power for the afternoon, it really turned out to be great!

As soon as the power came back on and I could open the garage, I hopped in my hubby's car, and took off for St@rbucks!

I spent almost 4 hours reading, and people watching, and reading and drinking Pumpkin Spiced Latte! It was wonderful.

and then, on my 30 minute drive home (St@rbucks is FAR!) I listened to my favorite Christmas CD!


Speaking of CD's......

I just found out today that:

A.) Michael Buble's new CD comes out on Friday, October 9th! I wasn't even aware one was coming out, not to mention coming out this week! I am a huge fan of his music and have been to 2 concerts! I can't wait to take Ian to one during his next tour- they are always SO much fun!

B.) Chris Tomlin had a Christmas CD released today! I love me Christmas music, and I like to get ones that are "singable," which Tomlin's music totally is!

Anyone else a Michael Buble fan?


krislyn. said...

Thank you for posting the verse on joy -- something I am finding hard to find, as I am starting the job search and also with turning another year older .. Okay, i won't go into all that on here!! ha ..

Brittany, you live 30 minutes away from Starbucks, I would not be able to survive! =) But that sounds just like how I enjoy my days off, sitting at Starucks, people watching, reading, and journaling.

Elizabeth said...

Joy..it is something hard to find, but once you do..it makes life feel uplifting. I spoke for a Young Life banquet on joy in April... so happy for you! :-) I love scripture!

Kaylyn said...

HUGE Buble fan...and Harry Connick Jr...get his new album...awesome! Thank God for Joy. So glad you are there. :)

Lindsey said...

Great post on joy! It seems so many are lacking it these days, sad!

Jessica said...

So much to comment on here! lol...first of all, James 1:2-3 is one of my FAVORITE scriptures. During college I remember going through a particularly stressful time and reciting that verse to myself over and over when I thought I couldn't take it anymore...it gave me so much peace and hope!

Second of all, Pumpkin spice lattes are my FAVORITE. I had my first one this year and I was blown away! Once I get 100% better, I think I need to venture out and get another one. Our closest Starbucks is really far away, too (about 45 minutes) so it's a real treat when we get to go!

And finally, Michale Buble is the best! I'm so jealous that you've been to concerts! And I also had no idea he had another CD coming out, so thanks for sharing :-D

Callie said...

What! Christmas music already! You're crazy, just like my sister (she starts listening to Christmas music extremely early too).
I'm glad you're feeling more joyful! I think being joyful is one of those things that you just decide to be - and you can be joyful even when you aren't FEELING happy. Joy and happiness are two very separate things.

Anonymous said...

I am happy you are feeling joyful. :) Your time at Starbucks sounds great!

~M~ said...

Yay for joy! :) i just love it when I can spend hours getting lost in a book!

Kelley said...

your post wanted to make me start singing...you've got the joy, joy, joy down in my heart, where?, down in my heart.....

I am so happy that you are feeling joyful!

And i LOVE Christmas music!