Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shopping List

Since we finally have some money (due to the sale of my car,) combined with the fact that I haven't gone clothes shopping since January (I bought two pairs of jeans and a shirt,) Ian and I have decided we need a wardrobe revamp.

I called my sister, Heather, because she is the fashion guru of the family, and asked her for some advice. I needed a launching point of sorts, in order to know where to even start!

We have spent alot of time weeding through our wardrobe and donating clothes and shoes to charity. Now we each have about 20 things on hangers and two dresser drawers. And that's it! It's really opened my eyes to our country's over indulgence and need for "more."

We established that we were going for quality over quantity, mainly because we need to be able to fit all of our clothes/shoes/hygiene items in 6 suitcases, ha!

Heather sent me a little list to work off of, and I have been browsing and adding for a sort of "shopping inspiration list" in order to keep myself focused and on track!

Tim Gunn's "Top 10":

  1. The trench-ish coat (we decided a wool coat was more practical,)
  2. A sweat suit alternative (something to wear on weekends that doesn't look trashy)
  3. The boot, the pump, the ballet flat. (I will be getting Ugg's, per everyone's suggestion, and new pair of black flats, because mine are a mess!)
  4. The shapely jacket and the go-anywhere top (This sweater jacket from JCrew has sold out, but it is what I am searching for now!)
  5. Signature jewelry. I have this necklace that Ian gave me for our 1 year dating anniversary, that is a heart with my name in Arabic script, but I am thinking I might like a little something classier. I will be searching for something for our 2 year anniversary- when we have been on payroll for awhile!
  6. Good under clothing :) VS is best!
  7. Day dresses (I'm moving to the Middle East, so dresses are pretty much out. Think pretty conservative!)
  8. The little black dress
  9. A new, cheap, terribly trendy item - spend money on classics and 5 bucks on the latest necklace at F21
  10. Denim - 1 dress up and 1 every day (Got em'! Express' Eva jeans are the only jeans I have found that fit me right! We picked up 2 pairs yesterday.)

I'll let you know how our shopping goes!


Elizabeth said...

Great list you have going! I am in the same boat as you... I need to clean out the closet, and really have my fav's...and thats all!!Hard to do but is needed. For my little black dresses I always go to the Black and White Market! Love that place! :-)

Jessica said...

It's so much fun to shop for clothes! I love the jacket in the first picture!

Rachel said...

I love that trench coat!

Anonymous said...

Love me some Tim Gunn almost as much as I love that trench. Fantastic!

Lindsey said...

You have fabulous taste, love all of this!!

Kate said...

That is a good list to work from! So what is moving you to the Middle East?

Callie said...

Yes, post pictures of your finds! I'm shopping vicariously through you right now, so get some good stuff! *wink*

steve said...

This is not my kind of blog to log into, but I'm sure you will look marvelous my dear. I just wanted to log in to say, I love you!:)

krislyn. said...

Brittany, nice work with not going shopping since January!! Impressive. I have recently put a hold on shopping, but your list has inspired me to at least get some classics that will last forever. =)

When are you guys heading to the Middle East?? And for how long .. I am sure you have talked about it, so I guess I will just re-read some of your older posts!

Hope you had fun shopping!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good list! you are right about the overload of stuff! I need to go and weed out my closet!

Simply Me said...

can't wait to see it all- new follower! :)

Kelley said...

no I want to go shopping! How I have missed reading your blog! You are about to be bombarded with comments in your inbox!

Unknown said...

I agree the little black dress is a must have! Love the trench coat - very now!

Have a great time shopping! x