Saturday, October 17, 2009

Up and Coming

I've been pretty lousy at writing during these last two weeks, but, luckily for you {and me!} things are really about to pick up for Ian and I.

We've spent the past 5 months living with either his parents or mine, and pretty much just have our clothes and our computers with us.

Um, alright.

So all of that is not really going to change for a while still, haha.

But we will be on the move from here on out and won't be so stationary, so that will be exciting!

Next week, we will still be here in Nashville, while my parents head for the mountains with my aunt and uncle for a little vaca. We are house/dog sitting, so not much will be different.

The last week of October (can you believe we are halfway done with October? Crazyness.) we are heading to Ian's Pop's house, near Helen, GA, for some grandparent time. We plan on eating tons of good food (his grandmother is pretty much like Paula Deen,) hiking, exploring cute ol' Helen, pumpkin carving, and trying our hand at the giant corn maze one night!

It's alot like my amzingly awesome girl's weekend from last year, (which, I just realized I never posted about. Shame on me!) except this year all of the girls are grown ups and have school/internships/work. so. Yeah. Not a girls weekend, which was SO much fun last time. Plus, Rachel read the entire book of Twilight out loud to us. That's right. Out Loud. It was AWESOME. We all gasped at the same time, cracked up, and screamed in suspense. That's the only way to do such a ridiculously corny book like that.

Right. Moving on.

So we get back from GA, and have 4-5 days of down time, before hopping on a plane and flying down to Shreveport, LA, for our appointment weekend with The Company. I am so extremely excited about this part. We will find out all of the official details of our job such as insurance, pay roll, benefits, and will find out more about our 2 month training session in VA and our four month training session in Vancouver, Canada.

We fly back from that little shindig on the 11th, and hop in the car on the 12th and drive to Lynchburg, VA, for a 2 day visit with our friends, John and Onastazia, before driving down to Charlotte, NC, for Ian's cousin's wedding on a Saturday. We'll stay at his grandma's house that night, then drive down to FL on the 15th.

We'll get to spend about 2 weeks in FL with all of our family and friends (Yay!) and will start heading back to TN on the 29th, where we have a speaking engagement in Gainesville, FL. We will probably spend a night or two with our friend Sam, then continue on our way back to Nash-vegas, where we have another speaking engagement on December 6th.

Are you tired yet?

Then we will spend about 3-4 weeks in Tennessee, doing all of the Christmasy things with my family, and will head back down to Florida (more of a move than a visit this time,) for New Years and to get out storage unit ready for international shipping. We'll have about 3 weeks in Florida, before moving up to Richmond, VA!

I know that it sounds like too much to handle {and it might be!} but I am so excited to have something to wake up for, when for so long we have been rather aimless and directionless.

Just wanted to give you a heads up for all that is coming down the pipeline. Hopefully all of these events will make for some interesting blogging material!


Callie said...

Wow, you're going to be all over the country! Can't wait to hear how everything goes!

Kristin said...

Oh wow! I don't think I could handle that! Good luck!

Jessica said...

Wow, you're going to be so busy! I'm sure it will be such an exciting time for the two of you!

Kelley said...

It does sound a little overwhelming, but what an exciting time for you!

krislyn. said...

Busy busy busy!! But it sounds like so much fun -- I love having things to look forward to!

Okay, so please please send me an email on places that I should visit in Nashville! I am heading out the 29th, and am SO very excited, but I would love an insider's tips on where to go/do.

And when you and your hubby are in Vancouver, you will have to venture down on the weekend to Bellingham, Washington and I would gladly tell you where to go!

Kaylyn said...

we go to Helen, GA every thanksgiving!! Have fun!! We love it there...juts SO cute! We'll be there again next month! Yay!