Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I just spent the last two hours *hacking* into my father in law's f@cebook account.

*not really hacking, I suppose, since he gave me permission, his sign on, and his password, but I'll use semantics to make me sound cooler.*

You see, my poor DIL* went a little f@cebook tagging crazy. I mean, he was tagging himself in everything! A picture of a dog, a landscape, my bridal portrait (yeah, that one really got me riled up for some reason.)

So I offered to clean up all of his F@cebook photos and to give him a few lessons on tagging and picture rights.

It really got me thinking about how particular we are about unspoken rules online. For example, if someone posts a whole bunch of pictures, it's really not polite to save them to your computer, then upload them as your own.

So unpolite, that it's consider plagiarism, but I won't mention that to my DIL.

Also, profile pictures aren't really supposed to be a collection of pictures you love, they are supposed to, well, you know, profile YOU!

Hopefully the "lessons," go smoothly tomorrow and I can teach with love and grace to the technologically unsavy.

We'll see!

* Dad-in-law


Anonymous said...

haha good luck!! Maybe he just thought he should tag everything he liked.

Kelley said...

haha....my mom's a little behind the times too!

Tori said...

Thats funny! It could get confusing though when people tend to tag whoever they want to read their notes when they write notes, even if they aren't talked about in the note. :)

I used to feel that way about photos too, but then I realized that I'm not friends with everyone they are friends with, and if they want to easily share them that could be the quickest way in their mind...

Hopefully your lessons will bear much fruit though! :)

chloƫ. said...

just found you through blog-hopping and your blog is way cute!

and aren't parents on facebook too funny? thankfully my parents are in their young 40s still, so they're mostly computer savvy...though sometimes their antics can raise an eyebrow. LOL.

Lauren said...

hahaho good luck! My parents are the same way & sometimes it's like pulling teeth for them to understand!

Unknown said...

Men and facebook navigation. I am teaching the 'ropes' to my brother lol x