Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Says Whining Doesn't Pay?

Apparently my whining on here paid off.

I'd been sobbing, whining, and complaining about my impending frozen footsies with a "northern," winter on our near future. I just couldn't figure out how to wear socks with ballet flats without looking completely ridiculous, or, you know, European.

(now, come on. You know those people with sandals and socks at Disney are all mostly European, let's not fool ourselves!)

Tonight, at girls' night, my best friends presented me with a pair of Uggs!

My very own!

It's really a funny story though. The girls contacted my husband in secret, letting them know that they wanted to do this for me. Ian knew my size (really a shocker actually,) and what color I wanted (chocolate brown please,) so they were good to go. I guess they were going to wait until Christmas, but when I started showing signs of premature frostbite, they decided to gift it to me a little early.

Maybe just to shut me up.


Well, either way! I now (as in sitting in my pj's, blogging,) am wearing my beautiful, new, most expensive pair of shoes I've ever owned.

And I love them.

AND, I love THEM (as in my friends.)


katie said...

yay! for toastie toes!

Kelley said...

What a great present! I know they will come in handy!

Elizabeth said...

How fun! THat was SO SWEET of them!!

Lauren said...

woohoo! Enjoy!

Lindsey said...

That is so sweet, love it!

chloƫ. said...

what a surprise! those are some very sweet friends of yours! hope you enjoy them! :)

Unknown said...

I LIVE in Uggs!!! They are my winter slippers and everything :) well worth the price tag! Enjoy! x

Kristin said...

i need your friends! seriously! i want uggs soooo bad but can i suck it up and spend that much? no. :( boo!

enjoy your toasty toes! and when you don't need them anymore send them my way! haha

Callie said...

Fun! That was sweet of them to buy you a present like that - try to enjoy your first cold Christmas! There are countless winter articles of clothing that make winter worth the cold!