Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cookies {take one}

I had a gingerbread mix from last Christmas season, that was unused and unopened, and since I don't like gingerbread, I decided to make it.

You heard me, I said since I don't like it, I made it.

Because then I am not tempted to shove a handful of them in my jacket pocket and go for a "walk."

The same applies for chocolate covered pretzels (which, I made about 300 today and I probably won't eat more than 10,) because they really don't seem that special to me.

Well, it was a disaster.

After about 10 minutes, I really had had it. I didn't want to mess with the proportion of flour to dough to make it unsticky enough to roll out and cut.

After all, there was no chocolate, so what do I care?

I quickly got fed up with it and just plopped little balls of dough (you could forget about cute little ginger snowmen!) onto the sheet.

So pitiful.

I did try to salvage them by decorating them with icing....only I didn't get the confectioner's sugar to milk ratio quite right.

And also, my "snowflake," looks like a spider's web that has been desecrated by some unknown insect.

Apparently I should see this thing called "real snow," to become a better decorator.

One day, folks, one day.

Tomorrow I am making my dad's carrot raisin birthday cake, and then making Bakerella's Cake Balls using The Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet cake recipe. The cake balls are for my parent's sunday school party on Friday. Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

LOL, sounds exactly like something that I would do!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun way to get intot the christmas spirit! :-) They look yummy!

Lauren said...

Hee hee...I am so not a fan of rollout, cutout cookies! However, I do like your method..make cookies you don't like!

Ginger said...

aww everyone's gotta start somewhere. Check out this website they have step by step instruction on roll out cookies as well as icing decorating :)

Royal icing is the icing to use when decorating roll out cookies it dries hard and looks fantastic :)

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

YUM!!!! I still think they look delish :) :)

ps. I "tagged" you on my blog - new friend! Hope that's okay!

katie said...

Oh I am totally going to make one of those sheet cakes this holiday (but I'm using Beth Moore's recipe instead of PW).

And I had a bit of a domestic disaster yesterday that I'm going to post about too.

Finally, I could not have said it better myself: "After all there was no chocolate, so what do I care?"

Brittany said...

If we were fb friends, you would have gotten a whole list of status updates about my baking disaster.

My biggest holiday baking blooper:

I didn't know that Christmas cookies, and sugar cookies were two different things. So when I got my dough all ready, and cut out cute, they ended up spreading into one huge pan of mess. :S (I took pictures as proof)

I also made pretzels because i'll only eat like five! :) But i'll post lots of food pics (that arent that cute) when I post about my ugly sweater party!

At least you follow a cookbook! You probably use measuring tools as well... Maybe I should start! lol

Jessica said...

I always get in the mood to make cookies, and then when I'm about halfway done I'm just SO over it. It happens every time I make sugar cookies! And yet I am planning on making a huge batch for my students and family this weekend :-P