Thursday, December 3, 2009

Too Much

Yesterday, while plowing through some major New Testament reading for class, I had a moment of revelation.

Unfortunately, it was nothing profound.

It was really rather embarrassing.

But, since I love {loathe} sharing these moments, I thought I would fill you in.

{please don't judge me!}

I was sitting on the couch upstairs, with a table light on, and was focusing on reading. The sun had set and it came to my attention that it was very possible that someone could see in through the open blinds, but I would be unable to see them.

Then I realized that said voyeur could just as possibly be scoping me out with a sniper rifle.

{I said possible, not plausible,}

I really got a little panicky at this thought, but I knew that a not so great sniper would be unable to get a good shot if I rocked side to side rather erratically.

So there I was, rocking back and forth, forcing myself to continue reading, all the while COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT!

{I may have begun to whimper at this point}

I then realized that the best thing to do would be to get out of the {not real} sniper's line of vision, so I flattened myself down onto the couch, with my book only inches from my face....while I still read.

{Begin cold sweats and rapid heartbeat}

It dawned on me that snipe man could very well have a body heat sensor on his gun, and could SO see me, despite my being out of the line of vision.

Oh my gosh. I was seriously freaked out.

And THEN I realized he could even have a heartbeat sensor and could be seeing where I was even if I could get my core body temperature below room temperature!

And, as I was slipping into near hysteria, and my breathing became close to that of hyperventilation, I realized that maybe, just maybe....

I had been watching my husband play Call of Duty a little too much.

{true story people}

Anyone else have an overactive imagination?

{again, sorry to all new readers who think I'm a complete wacko. This and the last post are a little out of the ordinary for me!}


Jessica said...

When I'm home alone washing the dishes, I can't look in the window above the sink because I'm afraid I'll see someone creep in behind me in the reflection. I'm afraid this person will have a gun or want to seriously harm me in some way. I've imagined it in my head many times, and normally don't do the dishes until Luke gets home at night.

So I know where you're coming from :-)

Anonymous said...

Haha! I just had a similar experience! I was addressing Christmas cards and kept thinking I heard noises outside... and maybe even saw a face in the window!

Jules said...

oh my gosh. I have done this so many times! to the extent that i have actually called my mom and told her what i was wearing (in case the abducted me first, i want the news, police and search parties to have a good description when searching for me) and purposely posted something on FB and Twitter just so there would be a timeline (they could say, oh she tweeted at 1157 so she went missing after that so she could only be this far away) haha think I'm a freak yet?

Anonymous said...

Really, Britt? :) Where was Ian at this time? And why didn't you change rooms? Not to say I don't have irrational fears and hide in closets from my potential abductors. I guess kudos to you for willingly sound crazy, mi amiga. Love you friend!

Sorcerer said...

stumbled across your blog

thanks for the lovely read :)

Hannah said...
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Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Wow. Just wow. LOL

I have totally had moments like that and gotten myself all freaked out over nothing. maybe it's a female thing? ...

And I hear ya about Call of Duty...

Kristin said...

I've been there and done that! Stupid video games! haha

The way you wrote this had me laughing soooo hard!

Kate said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. I am laughing WITH you, not at you. Because I am so like this. I mean really. After I read the Twilight books I couldn't go outside by myself at night. Okay, who am I kidding? I STILL can't go outside by myself!

Brian and Ashley said...

I have done the exact same thing- Brian and I had watched about 6 episodes of Lost, then went to bed. I kept imagining one particularly creepy character coming out of out bathroom- it scared me to death! And on top of that, once I finally got to sleep, I dreamed about looking for fruits and berries for food!

Callie said...

Ha! That's so funny. Sometimes it happens to me too though - but you should share these moments more, because they make me smile! :-D

Kelley said...

sorry for bombarding you with comments!

Anyways, back to my comment...silly boys and their silly video games. My husband is terrible at Call of Duty. He just keeps dying!