Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yeah, We're Online Students...

Ian and I are online students.

Yes, I received my bachelors at a regular old fashioned university.

And, Yes, my husband got his bachelors and his Masters at a "real live," university.

But we decided to do an online program for our next Masters degrees.

Actually, to be more specific, our program with Southern Seminary is 50% online and 50% on campus.

I'm not exactly sure when we will be able to finish the on campus component.

After all, we are moving out of the country in 4 months, and then overseas 4 months after that!

But, well, we'll figure that part out later.

For now, we are dutifully studying for our finals and cramming in as much information possible. We had gotten surprisingly behind in watching our New Testament lectures, so we are having to fit about 10 lectures within 48 hours.

Can anyone say "Fun?"

I'm a rule stickler though, and I expect us to be watching the lecture and not working on anything else. After all, I do not, ever, want to get in trouble!

We have found a few pasttimes that keep us entertained while we are still paying attention. We doodle, craft, or, our new found fun, is Ian drawing tattoos on my feet!

Didn't he do a great job? As a child, his chosen profession was always to be a "drawer," not an artist, but a drawer. Too cute.

Actually, on our first pre date (long story,) he drew that skull on fire at m@caroni grill, and I was thoroughly impressed, because Ian is SO not a skull on fire kind of guy. He's really more of a "I'm incredibly intelligent and have tons of potential but I only think I am a fraction of all of that," which I suppose it is better be humble than to not be!

(The original title for this post was originally going to be "The One Where I Upload a Picture of My Feet," but I vetoed that one because I didn't want to scare off new readers. I'm really a foot phobe and I have a hard time looking at anyone else's feet (or really, my own,) so I have edited out the toes for your viewing.You can thank me later.)


Elizabeth said...

Ian sis a great job! :-) How fun! I bet you a ready for the semester to be over with! :-)

Jessica said...

lol that's funny! At least you're finding things to keep you awake while you watch...I would so fall asleep!

Kristin said...

I think next time, he should draw a burning skull on your other foot (instead of a flower) and put a hair bow (skull bow?? lol) on it. They could be burning skulls destined to be together. LOL I am a dork.

WayneGirl said...

Brittany! My husband and I are students there! It's, in my opinion, the best place to get an education! if you ever want advice deciding on professors, let me know!?
also, when you do live there, we can probably give you some advice on places to live etc...
So glad to hear about all you are doing!
Laura (used to be wayne... now) Strackeljahn

N said...

Hi Brittany,
I just randomly stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and find it crazy how alike our lives are! My husband and I are also newlyweds in the process of going overseas with the same company. We're headed to appointment in March and training in April. When I saw your blog about being online students at SBTS, I couldn't keep from commenting as we are also online students there, doing the half online and half on campus! But anyways enough of my stalkerish talk. :) Hope your last week goes smoothly and stress-free, as I know those finals can be tough! Also, thanks for blogging through your process of getting overseas... I know it can be strange experience so it has been fun and encouraging to read your blog and hear of someone just one step ahead of us!


Kelley said...

there are no words for how awesome this is!