Monday, March 15, 2010

RStone and other such things

I just spent 5 hours in the library.


{cue angelic chorus}

One of our presenters couldn't make it so our afternoon class was cancelled. I brought our one and only laptop up to the library and set up shop for the afternoon.

First up on the agenda, we ordered my new laptop!


It's been 2 very long months and let me tell you, nothing can try your marriage like the way your husband may/may not arrange his favorites on the menu bar.


Plus, the Windows Start bar on Ian's computer moves up and down, which drives me absolutely NUTS.

So, in just two short weeks, when we are back in Florida, I will have my own beautiful, lightweight laptop with MY specifications and preferences!

It's the little things, folks.

Also, I just got word from the librarian here that my license for using the Rosetta Stone program has been extended for our entire time in Canada!


AND, she checked out to me the RS audio companion, so I can put it on our iPod and Arabic it up on the plane!

I {heart} librarians.

They know where all of the good books are.

So, it took me about 2 hours to load all of the discs into iTunes and another hour or so to load 7 pictures onto blogger.

On a completely different note, my hair is NOT enjoying this rainy weather up here in Virginia. Either that, or I need to switch shampoos. I love my shampoo {smell} so I'm going to choose to believe it's the rainy weather causing the explosion of frizz.

{change of topic. Again}

I have my last class tonight for our seminary class! Big sigh of relief. I don't mind the extra work (and I still have more to do this week, because our three papers aren't due until next Wednesday,) but the class time just about slays me after sitting in seminars and workshops for 8 hours straight.

{and again, new topic}

Tonight, after class ends at 8, I plan on curling up in bed with my crocheting and watching an episode of the last season of 24. Or two. Probably not three because that would be way too late. And then I will Sleep well. Because this is the last full week of training and we are not panicking at all about having to pack everything back up again.

Oh, no. No panic here.


Unknown said...

Thank for the update! YAY for the new laptop. Men always have to be different haha :)

Christine said...

Yay for a new computer!! That will be soo nice! and very cool about being able to download the Arabic onto your ipod.

Lauren said...

What a crazy schedule you all have right now! But yeah!!!! for a new computer--so exciting!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

Ohhh that sounds glorious. I know my hubby and I were sharing a computer for about 2 months too :) Good times... haha! You appreciate the little things even more. Wow! Blessings on all that's ahead... so exciting!

Jessica said...

How exciting about getting a new laptop! I think it would drive me crazy if I had to share with Luke, too. Good luck with the next move :-)

Brian and Ashley said...

I can't believe you are almost done with that part of training! Awesome! I can't wait to hear about your next set of adventures- on your new computer! Nice! :)

Kelley said...

I love this post! random but full of fun information! Yeah for getting a new laptop!

Lindsey said...

5 hours?! You are so studious, great job!

Lyryn said...

I just came across your blog and find it very awesome! I can't put my finger on it... but you look like someone I know. Funny... Look forward to reading more! :)

Courtney said...

I cannot believe these 2 months have gone by already and that it's been that long since I've seen you. Hopefully tomorrow we can skype for girls' night?
Yay for a new laptop and being super productive! I love you friend!

Emily said...

Oh, Britt! You crack me up! Sharing the computer isn't that bad-is it?! No, what will get ya is when Ian messes with the thermostat on the ac when you are pregnant! That will downright make you want to cut his fingers off! Thanks for the laugh and the update! We miss you guys! Love from the Vargas Clan!!

The Taffs said...

I'm jealous. It's been almost a year since my laptop bit the dust. My husband and I have been sharing his and while I've somewhat gotten used to it, I would LOVE to have my own again! Sharing is not always so easy! : )

Tori said...

Thanks for the updates! Man, I hear you on classes ending! I have 44 more days till graduation (yes I know the exact number of!) and it can't come quick enough! So ready for a little freedom.

I know the packing will go great! Don't worry, hold onto peace! <3