Thursday, April 1, 2010

Week 11- Project 365

Mercy. I'm so behind. I am still figuring out my new computer and just got all of my photos switched over from Ian's laptop to mine.

And, even though I'm so tired my eyes are rolling back into my head, I thought I would finally catch up on a week of these photos. They got less and less interesting in the month of March. Mainly due to a lack of opportunities. We were pretty much only in our apartment with the same 2 families for 2 months and I had to limit taking pictures of other people.

The beginning of my checklist before move #5. It was immense. It was extensive. It involved ordering/calling/researching/skyping things/people and figuring out our housing for the first time we'll be back stateside in 2013. (We finished almost all of these items plus about 20 more that got added!)
Visa/press release photos anyone? Haha, mine looks ridiculous.

This was during our second security training week and we had our specialist (kind of like Liam Neeson from Taken,) come and brief us, give us some self defense courses, and collect our fingerprints/hair follicles for any contingency.

Sweet little care bear socks. I miss these kids!

I was so proud that I got this one to focus on her eye and not her face in general! Nevermind the fact that she was giving me the stink eye.

Sunset overlooking the frisbee golf course. Also the amazing place we went sledding down 3 weeks earlier!

I was out of subjects. This looked interesting. That's about it on the background story!


Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Great pictures, and I love the colored pencils!!! :)

Ahhh, "Taken" -- such a good movie!

Lauren said...

Great pics! Love the beautiful!

linley said...

These are great Brittney! I miss the kids, too! I love the picture of C&E!

Unknown said...

Still a great insight into your life :)