Saturday, April 3, 2010


This should probably be a thought provoking, move you to tears, type of post.

After all, you are getting married today.

However, the nature of our relationship calls for something a little more light hearted. Because only you can make me laugh until I cry.

I call you my "Big D," even though your name is Heather there is no D. But You understand me. And I am your "Little D."

Forever and Always.

We won't explain it to our future kids. It'll just be how it is.

And even though our mother thought I was angelic and you were virginal.....

and that, apparently, we should be dressed in Easter hats that could be confused with a monster wishing to swallow our heads,

You are my friend like no one else.

After all, who else could projectile kick me across a room? Only you and your freakishly {spider like} long legs.
And even though you didn't think my April Fool's prank, to toilet paper your entire room, was funny, you can laugh about it now. And you still might retribution, but we're not really sure if that's possible.

You are my sister.

You are my friend.

And despite our differences (you're tall, I'm short, you're blond, I'm brunette, you're pale, I'm tan, you're musically gifted, I'm not,)

I will always love you.

Until you beat me at croquet.

And then it's Game On.

I love you Big D!
I hope your wedding day is incredibly special, filled with love and dreams come true.
Thanks for including me!


katie said...

happy wedding day heather!

linley said...

So sweet! I love it.

Kelley said...

wishing you all the best on your wedding day!

Unknown said...

Happy wedding day to your sister!!!! This post melted my heart :)

Emily said...

AWWWW! That brought tears to my eyes- happy ones, but my mascara is running! You two are the sweetest sisters I know! Happy Wedding Day, Heather! May God bless each and every moment of it, but most of all, may He bless each and every moment of your new life with Ryan!

~M~ said...

Congratulations to your sister!!

Callie said...

Oh, that is so sweet! Congratulations to Heather!