Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 12- Project 365

These pictures are lacking in the interesting department, and since I'm still trying to play catch up on the uploading of is week 12!

I've worn contacts since the second day of the sixth grade. Yes, it was a tragedy that I couldn't start wearing contacts on the first day of middle school instead of wearing my Gigantor glasses on the first, but it is a tragedy I have gotten over.


Ian's t-shirt he got from Heather this Christmas. It's a I Spy of facial hair.

I spy, Mr. T... and Bob Marley?

I had to learn how to do balloon animals for a children's event. this is my dog. I completely forgot how to do this by the time the event rolled around, making it a complete failure of an event. At least in my books.

Indian sculpture at the National Portrait Gallery in DC. Wow, I loved that place. SO much I could have stared at for hours on end!

Started digging through our laundry basket of knick knacks in preparation for the next week of packing. Boring.

COWS! It was birthing time out on the fields and there were calves galore! My friend Sarah and I went for a walk to see all of the baby cows, and it was fabulous.

Oh, Elisabeth. You've given me plenty of photo opportunities over the past two months. Sweet girl, I miss you already!


Kelley said...

that i spy beard shirt is pretty much amazing!

Brittany said...

What beautiful-fun pictures! I agree. Want to buy that shirt!