Monday, June 14, 2010

The After Feeling

Two years ago, about this time, I felt like this:

That is, complete and utter relief. A chance to "let my hair down," though it really was already down.

And relax we did! Our reception was an excellent example of how Christians can have fun Sans alcohol, haha.

And to this day, I've never been to a wedding that had a better or bigger crowd out on the dance floor!

(The secret, invite those kids! I was a nanny and a teacher for years so I invited all of my families I had worked with, and it was SO much fun! They kept people of all ages excited and dancing. And we had NO meltdowns ever. And by "we," I mean the kids. So many people leave them out, and then wonder why the dance floor only gets 20 people or so for four or five songs!

The other secret, choose music that is widely known, not just those special songs that mean alot to you and your husband. They are special, for sure, but no one else knows them or wants to dance to them! We did alot of iconic big band music, ones that got you singing along as you were dancing, think Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, Louis Armstrong.....and apple bottom jeans, lol!)


Justine said...

We had some kids at our reception. We wanted to have more, but we just couldn't afford to have ALL the kids there. :( Love those pictures!! :) Your hair was gorgeous!

Truly His said...

Congrats on your ONE YEAR!!! We celebrate ours in two weeks. I cannot waiT!!

Angela said...

Wow it seems like yesterday Britt!!!! I love you guys and miss you bunches! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! xoxoxo