Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Lately, I've been feeling odd.

And I really wrestled with writing about it, because, well, frankly I am boring myself.

All this talk about moving around I'm SURE ya'll are just bored to tears with the topic.

But I suppose that IS what is going on in my life and this thing is getting really weird.

It all started a couple of nights ago when I was lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep, when suddenly I didn't know where I was.

Weird, huh? It was like I could have been in any of my past 6 beds in the last 12 months. I actually got a little panicky after a minute and had to roll over and feel next to the bed to figure out where I was. You see, the nightstands in each place have been a little different.

Weird weird WEIRD.

It happened again last night. Except the panic was doubled.

Then, tonight, after Ian and my date, as we stood up in the movie theater to leave, it hit me that I didn't know what city I was walking out into. Isn't that ridiculous?!?

I'm dubbing it Transitional Vertigo.

Too many moves. Too many "homes," and too many new places.


I know what's causing it too.

We're supposed to get the pictures of our new apartment in the UAE any day now. And it's all I can think about.

All day.

All night.

It's ridiculous.

I mean, these pictures will reveal what will be my home for the next two years.

TWO YEARS people! That's longer than anywhere I've lived in, well, the last two years.

These will be the pictures of my home, not just my housing. All of that to say, I'm an anxious wreck.

I'm not worried, just anxious to see.

Anxious to move.

Anxious to start what we've been working towards for so long.

And all of that anxiety is leading to quite the case of transitional vertigo.

Spinning walls and all.


Courtney said...

Your title made me laugh since for my practicum tomorrow I might be asked to do a test for vertigo. So reading your post was really just studying :)
I can't believe you guys are almost done training. It has to be so exciting to see what your future home will be like!

The Taffs said...

Praying for you!

I hope you get to see pictures soon and can let out some roots!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That really does sound scary! I hope that the pictures come soon and relieve some anxiety.

Mrs. Lukie said...

You poor thing :( At least you can put your anxiety to rest VERY soon!

Hannah said...

sheesh thats not fun! I hope it gets better. "When anxiety was great within me, your sonsolation brought joy to my soul." Ps 94:19

Callie said...

That would be weird to be moving around so much. And I don't blame you for being excited about seeing the pictures of your place out there! Hopefully the transitional vertigo won't get too much worse. :-)

Lauren said...

Ughh...doesn't sound like much fun for you. At least you'll be able to see photos very soon...good luck girl!

Rachel and John said...

yikes that's no good! I hope your apartment is beautiful!!

Brittany said...

ahhh poor honey! It'll all work out! I know that God is really looking forward to seeing you work for him, with everything that he's planted inside of you and prepared you for! Your in his hands, and he's going to make each step of the way just what he wants for you! :)

p.s. you dont bore me! I look forward to your move as well so I can read all about it!! :)

Rachel Lillian said...

Hey Brittney! Thanks for the camera advice! Love your blog!